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SOLVED: Can't get my Beer Styles

The last 2 days my beer styles won’t show up! What’s going on?

Me too. I think it’s because they are running an update.

Have got an extra style tick since they’ve not been accessible so hopefully it is now going through.

@aww @services @joet

That’s me. I’ll have a look.


Ya me too. Nothing on styles or countries.

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OK I’ve updated. Fixed.


Is that algorithm happening to fix the new beer styles? If not, I’ll be happy to fix mine if anyone wants to make me a temporary admin. I don’t want to send in thousands of corrections. The admins have enough to worry about keeping the site going.


Thanks @joet!

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The styles themselves are still not fixed, there are bunch of mead styles under beer styles.

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So is there an update on styles? Every other beer I have rated recently seems to be in the wrong style but I’m not reporting them (other than a couple of individual cases) as we’be been told to hold off until the algorithms get rolled out automatically. There are also local breweries which could do with multiple updates. The last update was in May? But when is this roll out due to happen?