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SOLVED: Commercial descriptions truncated - even after "Read More" is clicked

So, it’s not bad enough that the descriptions are hidden behind a clickthrough, now they are shortened even AFTER you click on Read More. Pic attached.



If this is going to be fixed another important fix would be to respect line breaks again.

I submit the official description for every beer I rate that doesn’t have one and I would guess that at least half of them are far longer than a single sentence. Especially those where hops and malts are listed (Cloudwater’s beers up until 2018 are notorious for this, Northern Monk’s Patrons Project series’ of beers all have excellent descriptions usually 3-4 paragraphs), they’re so awkward to read on here.


Totally agree with this, it’s annoying & time wasting.

@aww @joet @services

Assuming this is an easily fixable bug, or a (hopefully) very temporary workaround for some issue. Commercial descriptions are cut VERY short.

Agreed, this shouldn’t be happening and thanks for spotting it!


Still getting bug reports on this:

I have noticed that many of the longer, “about this beer” desciptions get cut of at the …, and don’t open up after clicking on “read more”. For example- 5 Rabbit’s La Valiente, which I entered last week.

Hi all, we just released a fix for this issue. Please let us know if you still see this bug

Seems fixed though. And it seems that formatting is back! Yaay! :smiley: Good job @services ! :smiley:


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