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SOLVED Lost identity

I logged on a little while ago and I was no longer me. My icon was there but my name was changed and all my ratings gone. Iq this just me or has Ratebeer really lost its way?

@NobleTasty26, just you mate!


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Just happened to me to today… This is lubiere from Ottawa, member since 2003… This is freaky!!!

Hi @NobleTasty26 and @lubiere please let us know if you continue having issues with this.

You can send us a direct message with your user name and email address and we can take a closer look at the issue.

Is It a problem with double logging (Facebook VS website) that is recurring again?


It started yesterday. Got logged off and when I logged back in, it logged me under a different handle FlightPours32 …i actually noticed it today…my real account lubiere is still active, and I can see it but like if its not mine.

Not sure if this is a virus or something, or a hack.

Can you help…Luc

Hi @lubiere this is a bug that unfortunately happens from time to time that we are still trying to fix – so don’t worry, you aren’t being hacked! We will merge the two accounts later this week and we’ll let you know when it’s done.

I have to assume that’s probably what’s wrong but I have no clue about what I’m supposed to do about it

And what was your original user account / username? This way, @services will be able to help you…

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Im curious about this bug…why does it generate new member names/handles?

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Each time a new user login with Facebook, it creates a new profile independant of their existing account… And that profile is given a random name Word1word2XX that can’t be changed for whatever reason… The site have thousands of those random names accounts now…I guess it’s to boost new users registration stats…

Merci Viper

So basically, regardless of the fact that both my ratebeer and facebook account use the same email address, if i logged via my FB account (accidentally or intentionally), it created a new account this weekend? I assume this is linked to new updated to RB?


Yes but they will manually fix it and make both accounts (FB and RB) linked to your original account… Happened to me a few months back

It seems to be problematic when your email used for your Facebook account is not the same than the one for your Ratebeer account…

How much time do you think it will take for my account to come back to normal?

Please merge user credientials FlightPours32 (user #643992) to user Lubiere (#5855)


Your accounts have now been merged :slight_smile:
Please let us know if you continue to have any issues with your account

Didi you do the same with NobleTasty26?

He did not

What was you account name before?

Hi @NobleTasty26 to help us understand what is happening here, can you access your nomal account if you log in with facebook?

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