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SOLVED Our Rating aren't always displayed

If you access a beer that you already Rated (quick or review) via BEER SEARCH RESULT, the page won’t display your quick rating on first display on the RATING/RATE THIS BEER subsection (right window)…you have to reload the page in order to see it (even if you can clearly see the rating in the REVIEWS subsection…

This is not replicable anywhere else. If I access the beer page from MY RATINGS or from the BREWER PAGE, our rating is displayed correctly (left window)

@aww @services

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That’s something I’ve picked up on too.

When you search and beer loads up there is no score on the bar. Scroll down and your rating is there, refresh the page and the score is reflected on the bar,

Trouble on Chrome via laptop and Mobile via Android Internet browser.

Can this be fixed please?

I’ve just looked at Other Half Double Mosaic Daydream (DDH) on my laptop (Chrome and Windows 10). No rating shown. Refresh the page and a full rating appears.

Any feedback on this pretty significant bug @services @aww

Still pending bug. Each time we open an already rated product from a SEARCH RESULT PAGE, our rating isn’t displayed (including distribution), just like if we didn’t rate it. We have to reload the page once in order to see it.

@aww @services

This is an important function for many.


This still doesn’t work

See pictures. Rating appears when you search but does not display on the beer.

Can this be fixed please @joet @services

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Refresh the web page and the rating displays

Using Chrome on my laptop. Same issue on Android phone.

It’s definitely a pain when looking for beer and using the beer pages to check for ratings.


This is still on going, three of the four beers I’ve bought today I’ve had before, after checking in the shop and the beer page showing no rating. When I’ve got back and gone to rate, my old rating has now shown up.

I’ve noticed this issue too. Being able to quickly see what beers I’ve rated before is an important part of why I use RateBeer. It should be straightforward to see this information but it currently isn’t - I now need to go to the brewer’s page, then view all their beers, then search for beers by name or sort my ratings. It’s a faff and totally unnecessary. Please can you fix this issue @joet @services so that it’s as easy as it once was to see what beers I have previously rated? Thanks.


Bloody annoying. Please fix!


Youre a dreamer @Sigmund Looks like they are responding on this one in the same manner that they did on the “loggout” issue.

-Beeing quiet, no info, no status. Long time to fix. and so on.

@joet @services : SEEING IS BELIEVING. Direct and correct info is essential and makes RB more trusted. This is breaking down that trust.

Yes I purchased a few beers on an order last month that if ld already rated … thanks RB … never had this issue 2000-2020 and now it’s been in the air for 2 months and still no fix.

If untapped ever develop more interesting stats pages you’ll never see me on this circus of a site again !

This particular bug is a new low for Ratebeer !

I’ve started to use another site (cough Brewver cough) to keep track of what I’ve had and have at home. With lists of both backlogs and what’s in my cellar visible. Untappd can’t keep track of the cellar so still a risk to double order with them.

What’s also annoying is how intermittent the bug is. I looked up three beers from Vibrant Forest which I thought I’d probably had. First two showed my rating. Third one didn’t.

Untappd can on mobile at least. Create a list of your cellar and then in the search you will find a small symbol next to the search result indicating it is on one of your lists. If you have mulitple lists then you obviously need more clicks to see on which list it is.

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For example (I have a bottle of 1909 in my cellar list):

Didn’t know that. Too had the untappd webpage sucks big time.

Does it different between different lists? If I have it on a wanted list would it still show the same?

See the picture of @YantarCoast - if the beer is on a list of yours it has the 4lines with a tick symbol.

This only indicates it is on one of your lists. With multiple lists it doesnt differentiate but then in only takes one click on the beer, scroll down and you will see on which of your lists it is.

Just so I understand the problem best, refresh doesn’t always fix the problem? It seems like a login/SSO issue @services

We’re investigating this issue now.

@WingmanWillis does refresh always solve the issue.

Is anyone having the same issue with the Mobile App?


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