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SOLVED Ratebeer Crashing : And the Robot is back! (April 17th edition)


Getting the robot again now trying to get to Latest activity, beer ratings, styles etc.

Dont give a shit about the style mess, but please make it a priority to make it possible to seach for and rate beers.

After all its rate - beer or ?

Edit: Using Safari on IPad.


Same here


All hail our robot overlord!

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Robot Oops! Starting to really grind my gears now


Yup. Can’t save beers no more.


Even FireFox with VPN is not working

@services @supporthelp


robots taking over


Normally I can get by on Chrome or the old Erickok app, but now I am back to pen and paper


If there was some explanation as to why this is constantly happening the past week, an apology perhaps, clear direction as to what’s being worked on, regular updates until everything works as it should, then I’d be more understanding. But this silence is infuriating, and insulting to everyone that has come to depend on the site every day.


Ratings are going through but very slowly and not always sure they are going, so I’m having to do both, hand written and on RB


We apologize for the inconvenience of creating your existence in this kind of place, as opposed to a universe that would be more suited to your kind of life.


A lot of 504s right now for me.


Untappd and BeerAdvocate both still up and working fine. Just sayin’.

I’m writing ratings in a notes app like a goddamn caveman here.

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504 here as well.
App is down
Any updates on the situation would be appreciated…


Ya, can’t rate beers. As usual on a site called, what again??

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Indeed, but I had to give up my plan to do some backlogging tonight, now I’m adding to the backlog instead…

All brewery pages are giving me either a 504 or a robot at the minute. Front page and search still work.


The entire website is down for me. Timeouts all over the place. These forums the only part that works.


Probably because this is award winning forum software.


I’m back in…and can rate again (using Chrome)


Managed to get all the way to entering a rating and encountered the recently common non-functioning save button bug. What the heck is going on here, @services? Can we get a website that lets us rate beer?