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SOLVED - Ratebeer main site unusable - Cannot Submit Rating, view places, see latest, etc


Same here, 504, the robot and not able to save rating


Nothing works , cant save ratings, look up places…


Does not work for me neither. I can only open Forums


Nope. Still not working, same as most of the site apart from forums it seems.


Like always, forum always works perfect …


whichever page I visit on the main site, I get a 504 or a robot.


Updated the heading of this, since it does seem to affect the whole ratebeer site (part from the forum…)


Yep, been like this for 6 hours now. Not looking good.


Still fucked up. Giving out gateway errors, with the host apparently being unreachable.


Home page loads - a couple of recently availables eventually show up - but nothing else is accessible on main server.


RIP Ratebeer. Time of death 2/11/19, 6:22am EST.


Error 504 Ray ID: 4a786c670e84930c • 2019-02-11 17:10:29 UTC

Gateway time-out





After all that I nominate Ratebeer Oops Robot for Ratebeerian of the year.


Still not working in Shropshire and I got electricity in especially.



It’d be prudent to ask if it’s somehow only working in Australia - since they could find no obvious issues/problems :slight_smile: but everyone’s probably asleep.

But if someone’s pulling an all-nighter to try and fix this so that the database isn’t down most of the day for most people… they have our support!


Are you working on it ??
Since almost nothing is working now :disappointed:


Yep, still not working. Is there a way to Beermail someone without using the site?


Yeah, you can use the mailing system built into this forum. Click on your avatar, and then the letter icon.