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SOLVED - Ratebeer main site unusable - Cannot Submit Rating, view places, see latest, etc


Thanks! Not sure how I didn’t figure that out myself! I’ll blame it on a long day


Yep, nothing but the forums are working for me at the moment. I chose the wrong time to login and try to work on a backlog. Always my luck.


Seems to work again for me…


Yup and the first thing I did is DL all ratings haha


Hi everyone, you should be able to save ratings and access RateBeer again. We are still investigating the root cause to make sure that this doesn’t happen again


This Buds for you! pot%20bud


I think that, due to unstable situations like these, the possibility to compile one’s ratings should be made accessible to everyone, and not kept behind a pay wall.


Downloaded my ratings a week ago, and since then been running a double checkin with Untappd as a back up.

Badges there annoys the hell out of me, but ill see if ill learn to live with them.


Few things are cost free:

This feature (compilation of ratings) in particular is brought to you by your generous donations to the RateBeer server fund.

Bill, please consider helping fund us by clicking below! It would be much appreciated and helps us maintain these features that you can’t get anywhere else. That $2, $5, $10, $25, $50 donation goes a long way. Thanks!


All things considered, I feel it’s time RateBeer handed a kind gesture back to its users, even the non-Premium ones… Because as things stand, I’m not really keen on getting Premium, unfortunately.


Just checked. The RB front page is back to normal (I can see the Beers Near You) and now I can input and post the ratings. Thanks RB for fixing it! :wink: