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SOLVED: Ratings not visible


This is the beer: https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/beername/665678/
Dageraad 6°
When I look at that page I can’t see any rating.

I know that there are real ratings not just invisible ticks (e.g. mcberko and oakes).
I don’t think the issue is with the “degree” sign because I tried to remove it, and other beers use the same sign too and they don’t have a problem.

Maybe the issue is with the content of one of the ratings that breaks the page.

I hope that the solution, rather than cleaning the data (if that’s the reason), will be to make the page more robust to similar data issues.

SOLVED: Most recent tab is empty for a lot of beers

I just saw this other Bug Report.

In the case I reported all tabs are empty, while in the other Bug Report only Most Recent is empty.
It seems a different issue.


Just found more examples of this issue.
I highlight the user who rated it just to confirm that there is a valid rating; but if you remove the user ID from the URL, no rating visible:

and… this rating of the first beer I mentioed:


I tell you what…
All those ones that I listed have something in common: after the rating there’s a link to a venue:

And since that link is rarely visible for other ratings, I suspect it’s created only by App ratings, and it screws up the rest of the page!

(hence I’ll also transfer this thread to Mobile App Bugs)


This is also the same issue as this thread:

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