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SOLVED - Review window has been collapsed


Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that the rating/review notes window has been whittled down to a sliver?
I use the website only with Firefox on Win 10.
You can’t even look over your review to edit comfortably.
Here’s hoping for a quick fix or suggestion if the fault lies with my setup.



But you can expand it. I admit though, that space should be much bigger to begin with, at least 7-8 lines before someone feel the need to expand it.


Sadly doesn’t work on mobile view.

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Another step in destruction of RB, who cares anymore. Nothing surprises me


@joet The reviewing area should auto-expand with each new line of text…


One step forward - the ability to expand. Half-step backwards - the starting window is way too small now, forcing you to expand it always.



Turns out I did not notice the “Expand/Collapse” icon directly under the scrollbar so false alarm I guess.
Still, it was jarring to be greeted by this look when reviewing a beer.
Sorry for complaining about nothing.


Well, it’s not nothing, I’m really not sure why the “starting space” has shrunk.

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Rating from the mobile device that has small screen (5" or less) has been made really difficult since the new ratings page was introduced, and now somehow they have managed to make it even worse…

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Well the reviewing area should be reduce to a minimum, around 1-2 line on start (so it doesn’t take much space and is useful for tickers), but with an auto-expand capability so you always see all the words of your review while you are typing it… seems a pretty easy thing to program…

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Yeah, autoexpand would work with a tiny window. And only autoexpand.


I agree, this could potentially enhance both webpage and mobile use.




Just to clarify, I was speaking about rating on mobile phone with small screen using webpage. It has been made really difficult. It is almost like someone wants us to go over to untappd… At least when I rate on untappd webpage (I generally don’t use untappd app neither) I can actually see the text I’m writing…


Ohh thanks. thats been pissing me off no end

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Thanks for your feedback and your patience. A fix has been pushed today

@martjoobolut @Marko @malvrich @gunnar @Christos @Koelschtrinker @Viper666 @Viper666

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And thank you for acknowledging.