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SOLVED - Search from some pages is broken

Ok, so when I search for a beer from the search bar, for example on my profile page, it simply opens a page with a blank search bar. The term I searched for disappears. This is pretty annoying.

Figure 1. Searching for “Pravda Lvivska Vesna”

Figure 2. This is what happens when I hit enter. No result, search term is not there either

Searching from the main page works fine, however.

Edit: seems to happen on all pages except My Favourites and the main page.

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Seems like a bug. Made the same search 3 times from different pages and I got normal search results exempt for one time where it did the same thing as you… Only from
the “old" search (from pages using the old format)

Intermittent or not, it is annoying and impedes interaction with the site.


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A pretty quick fix that could be made is also to correct the spelling mistake in the error message that pops up…


Thanks for the report and comments. I saw similar behavior and fielded similar feedback comments myself this morning. The team is on it.


I see a new SEARCH page has been released today with a new look

Problem is: it’s not giving any result when you are using pages using the old page header… only the updated ones are working (beer page, place page, main page)

And any chance you could put more beers per Searchpage result? Why only 8 entries per page search results?

This was better with 10 results with 10-results block expander in the same page than having to load multiple pages IMO.

@aww @services

Hi everyone, thanks for letting us know about this issue. Search now works from the “old” pages (thanks for pointing this out @viper666) and we also fixed the typo. We also increased the number of beers shown.
Sorry that search from some pages wasn’t working temporarily!

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While you are at it, results are not showing too when using the Search bar from the forum as well.

@aww @services

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