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SOLVED Tag got deleted or cannot be viewed any longer?

Got this bug reported:

Within the last couple days the tag ‘bergamot’ has disappeared - last week I was able to draw up a huge list, and now it says the tag no longer exists.

Is there anyway I can see the list again? I was in the middle of doing some in depth searching for American and Italian beers which have used bergamot and now I don’t have anything to go off. The list was fantastic, what can I do to see it again?

Not sure if the tag has been deleted, cannot be viewed any longer, or if it has been renamed into:

  • Bergamot [Flavored - Fruit]

User reported it whilst not logged in sadly, so cannot contact them directly.

Should be fine now, I edited it so the [Flavored - Fruit] is in description instead of the tag’s name, it should now appear in Tag Predictions.

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THis issue has been on and off for a while now.
It is pure lottery if you come home after and find your ticks again.

Noticed stuff like this when tagging beers the other day, looks like there’s a lot of tags beginning with A or B that have had various terms in square brackets appended to them. Not sure what the point of this is? Hopefully it’s not permanent.

I edited them all so the bracket term is in the description instead of inside the name (which was preventing them from appearing in Prediction). A few other tags should also be revised (for example Graf / Graff) because they won’t appear in prediction that way.

The idea was to create family grouping for Tags as discussed last year but I totally forgot the predictions work only with the exact term for tags…

Thanks for noticing early, only a few were edited that way :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah ok, I had a feeling something like that was going on. That would actually be pretty cool if tags were grouped in families such as styles or hops and adjuncts etc. but yeah that would probably require another database field. As you say the predictions only work for exact names so it breaks it.

Btw since you’re sorting out tags at the moment, are you able to fix this

There’s a blank tag and a dupe (oats), there were more but I forgot and I think a couple were actually fixed already but those still remain.

I tagged joet and services but nobody replied, wasn’t sure if regular admins had the required permissions. I know it’s a very minor thing but just figured I’d point it out. :slight_smile:

I feel like one of the Oats duplicate used to be Oatmeal (since there’s no tag for that name, which is surprising)

The blank tag is stuck with the letter E tags and should be deleted.

@joet @services

please remove and don’t use non-ascii in tags!

I can’t delete that one either. please be more careful in the future.

I don’t think I’m the one who created/edited the empty one in the first place…

Maybe you should simply block the usage of non-ascii (I guess you mean diacritics / accents special characters?). People won’t know that when adding new tags if it’s not mentioned.

Yes you can. You have direct access to the database. A workaround would be to simply edit the name of it in the database so it at least has some text string present. Then it can be deleted by an admin as normal.