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SOLVED Username change 2

Could someone merge those two account: LovibondGuide23 to QcBeer

He logged in with Facebook and it created a new account…

@joet @services


@joet @services

Anyone can do this? We have an user that wants to use our site but can’t and nobody’s willing to correct this?

No wonder we’re losing a bunch of people…

@joet @services @aww

@joet seems like this guy needs a name change.

Over a week with no answer. So we just gave up?

Should I tell him that nobody cares anymore?

Come on guys, can you take care of it …and fix that bug with facebook connection at the same time?

Or if you don’t have enough time for that or just don’t care, at least give enough power to someone so they could do it…

@aww @services @joet

How the hell can the website permit 2 different profiles with the same email address??? Don’t you see it makes no sense?

@aww @joet @services

I thought I got this but it was still in error. I think it may have been reproduced? Yes, we have something fishy going on with Auth0/Facebook sign on creating new accounts right now without doing an email address check.

Oh fixed (again) btw.

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