Some recent update news 27 April 2018

Just a few of the updates added this week. Cheers!

  • Add ability for user to clear a Quick Rating made on the Rating Slider
  • Internationalize authentication flow instructional language
  • Inline SVGs and remove unneeded icon set to increase page load speed
  • Optimize search view for set of small mobile devices (e.g. iPhone SE)
  • Integrate Ghost Inspector to CI flow for automated testing
  • Fix SSO issue for iOS Chrome users
  • Build out Favorites page
  • Build out functional Favorites Button for display on Beer Profile page
  • Refactor search components for broader reuse
  • Add feature toggling to be able to time feature releases with mobile (e.g. Favorites)
  • Translations updates and fixes
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I don’t want to be the negative Nancy here, but this all sounds quite abstract to me. How did the upgrades this week improve Ratebeer for me as a user?


Uhh… they integrated the Ghost Inspector… did you not read his post??


Yeah I guess they used premium blockchain technology to upload big data to the cloud using a 3.0 UNIX VPN server image, but I can’t help but wondering how that improves things for me.

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Points for “negative Nancy”! :slight_smile: I’ll be sure we communicate updates in more user-friendly terms next time. Thanks! cheers


That is an incredibly techy changelog Joe, might want to translate some of that into layman?

I don’t want to be a negative Nancy either, but I can’t help but feel you should be focusing on bug fixes before doing stuff like this. And I agree with DutchDrebus; even as a technically-inclined person I’m a bit confused about what relevance some of those things have to users. Ghost Inspector, Refactored search components (what exactly changed?), Feature toggling (where? in the app?), things like that need more explanation.

EDIT: Ok you just addressed that while I wrote this reply… carry on!


Since you’re reading, here’s a couple of simple fixes I’d like to see before feature additions, I’m sure I’m not the only person being consistently mildly annoyed by these:

  • I can no longer middle-click or ctrl-click to open links in a new tab. This was fixed once before but is now broken again since today’s update.
  • On the “new beer page” there is no way to add tags to a beer unless it already has some (so no way to add them to new beers). I think you should always show the Tags box, but write in there “no tags yet, would you like to add some?” or words to that effect. And clicking that would go to the add tags page. Obviously.
  • On the “new beer page” the link to add a photo goes to a mailto address which is apparently full. Please don’t make us email in photos, that is extra work for both users and staff. Put the old link back.
  • In Places, if a Place has an official website link using https clicking it will be broken as the colon gets stripped. Some admins are replacing https with http as a workaround. This should be discouraged. We should be encouraging https usage and making the internet more secure, not the other way round.

Search is now handling some things a lot better (“and” or “&” in brewer names can now be omitted and you actually get the expected results now!), and brewers such as O/O now actually appear in results. However one thing was still not fixed and that’s when there are dots (periods for you Americans) are in brewer/beer names…

  • J.W. Lees also written as JW Lees, or J.W Lees. None of these three terms find the brewer in the search. Nor will it find their beers (aside from a couple of collabs). So it is currently impossible to get to the brewer directly, we must either first get to one of their beers then click the brewery name, or just use Google.

@services please hire @LazyPyro to your team. Having someone on the team that actually uses the website you’re trying to fix will be very useful!


Jesus christ, people, I’m actually going to side with Joe on this one for the first time in history here: you are being ridiculous. You don’t understand what he’s posting yet you claim they’re working on the wrong thing. Would you prefer he post nothing at all? Or would you prefer to write the roadmap yourself despite not having the requisite technical knowledge? Even basic bug fixes often require technical changes on the backend that to the layperson wouldn’t correlate. And an important part of building (or rebuilding) any website or app is setting up a firm technical foundation to ensure quality down the road. That’s what most of this stuff is.


You’re taking my comments in a pretty extreme way but ok, allow me to clarify what I was saying so I don’t get misinterpreted.

Firstly, there’s no sides to pick. We all want a better Ratebeer. I’d hoped that my post was constructive and wasn’t antagonising or creating an us vs them mentality. I’m actually quite pleased to see a public update. I’m only voicing my concerns on the order in which things are being done.

Secondly, I do understand what he’s posting about, I never said I didn’t. If you re-read my post you’ll see I said that I was confused at whether they were relevant for users to read (since most here won’t know what they mean), and that they should be worded in a manner everyone can understand, not just those in the tech industry. Joe already replied to DutchDrebus who had the same thoughts I did, and he said he would communicate them in a more user-friendly manner next time. So he obviously agrees in hindsight that this one was a bit too techy.

I also never claimed he’s working on the wrong thing, just that I personally and (judging by what threads get the most posts on this forum) many others would prefer bugs to be fixed before new features are added. If Joe disagrees and wants to add features first that’s fine, I’m not his boss, his adviser or anything like that, I’m just a user. I’m happy to see stuff is being worked on regardless.

I’m in the website/app industry myself. I know the sort of stuff that needs to happen behind the scenes, and that the size of this website is on a much larger scale than anything I’ve worked on so will take more time. I’ve faced constant criticism myself in the past, it’s fucking annoying at times I must admit, but it also pushed me to improve things, and reach a point where criticism became praise. Joe and the RB team are on a good path in my opinion, I just feel the prioritisation is out of kilter with what users actually want - so I question whether it’s the best path for the site.


I do like the fact that you’ve made a changelog, so thanks for that! I’m just not smart enough to understand most of it.

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Good to see some updates!

But why working on new functions like “Favorites” pages (did someone asked for that?) before fixing what everybody are urging you guys to fix or to bring back since the new layout implementation.

We still have many basic missing things in the beer page:
real score;
contract brewer;
tag implementation;

Many pages are still using the old design:
Brewers pages;
place pages;
User’s profile pages;

or things that make people simply rage:
safer ruler to rate/tick (like the one in the app);
very unintuitive search of places with special characters;
no alphabetical order search in brewer’s page with the app;
Awful loading times between pages and when scrolling;
Pics getting updated or not randomly;

or things that should be prioritized to meet with the competition:
applying the same/similar rating mechanic on website vs app (like implementing the app ruler in the website);
Tasting Now 1-step button working on the app but not the website (which should share a place with the Find It Near You function);
having no way to add a pic with the app;
Places Nearby (the geolocalisation function is already working to find where you had a beer with the app…so why isn’t Nearby places fonction added?);


Just realized the Nearby Places is already functional in the app and working great. My bad!

Secondly, I do understand what he’s posting about

Sure thing, chief.

I’m in the website/app industry myself.


praise. Joe

That’s very nice of you!

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Sorry if this bug has been discused before. When searching for a beer in the “new” version:

The result is showing first the reviews in spanish.

If I search with the “older” version:

Now showing first, the newest reviews.

Two things: First, I don´t want so see spanish reviews first. Second, I don´t know why in the first search appears a review from 5 days ago (Olio review) when in the second one the first review is from April 15th.

Again, sorry if this bug is already being discussed.


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It’s not a bug, it’s a feature!

But it’s really annoying. Really really really annoying. Now, when I click a rating out of the latest activity list, it doesnt show me the rating I clicked on. Instead, I just get tons of ‘most recent’ ratings, that I dont care for. If I click on a beer rating, what else would I want than that rating to be showed on top?


Somehow this question is always ignored. And it’s the most important question there is. Why add new (bugged) features when there are still so many basic things to fix?


Where? This was one of my favorite features of the old app…

Because the redesign is nothing to do with giving (or giving back) existing users what they want. It’s about giving the people who think they know what would attract people who don’t use the site what they imagine will work.