Some recent update news 27 April 2018

Maybe nobody cares about this but me, but the “most rated” option under “My Breweries” is kinda useless. The truncated graphs cut off the digits for all breweries in the middle of your list.

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Yep, this annoys me too (although it only cuts them off on my mobile; it works fine on desktop).

Wow, that’s crazy cynical and not what’s happened!

We’ve taken user feedback and made corrections while still completing items that have been scheduled and need to be completed. This is how our scheduling works so that new development isn’t delayed in unforeseen or unplanned ways.

With a big page like this, we predicted we were going to have a big backlog of fixes and we did. We’re getting to the fixes, one at a time. We’ll get to this one as we have all the others.

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This isn’t related to the update but your feedback has been noted. Expect a fix soon.

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Hi @services and @joet

See screenshot below. On mobile, on a beer page. Where it says “bewerken tags” (edit tags) it should say “rating bewerken” (edit rating).

Just found that out when I wanted to edit one of my ratings.

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Whoops! We’ll get that corrected.

Thanks @DutchDrebus!

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No problem!

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Looks like it’s been fixed. Thanks, Joet!

Thanks for the feedback! cheers

Can we get the reply button unobstructed?

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Nobody else is getting the post count covering the reply button on their mobile?

The forums have a lot of weird spacing issues on mobile, with various buttons overlapping other buttons, half obstructed search boxes, etc.


We will never know, they can’t reply…


Yeah, this, to the best of my knowledge, is a fairly recent unwelcome development.

I had it on mobile, which is the only way I use this site.

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Horizontal view doesn’t have that problem but I don’t like using horizontal. Shrugs.

Any workaround?

I mean it still works just a smaller space to click

Direct replies to postings.

I use the Discourse-app and have the same problem.

It usually sticks to the top of the black footer, but at the end of each thread it gets stuck there. Seems to be an issue of the forum software, not RB as it’s happening in the official app as well.


Yes, thanks for explaining. It’s Discourse software. I’ll let them know!