Some you win, some you lose!

I was trawling the net for Russian beers available in the UK and came across this page from these guys: Beer (Пиво) - Russian Food Online Shop "Babushka"

Checked what I’d had against their pretty poor selection and found 7 I hadn’t had, so put them in me trolley. Minimum order has to be over £35:00 so I add a bottle of Brandy I fancied.

Went through all the rigmarole of ordering, address, PayPal etc, etc. Postage was over £10:00 but I was feeling generous, so paid. Payment taken and confirmation from PayPal arrives straight away. One minute later everything is cancelled, money back and unable to fulfil my order.

The reason? You can only order 6 bottles online!

Never mind they were all Macro crap anyway.


Well that’s the opposite of the normal problem, which is when you can only order in multiples of 6 +.

I ordered some German beers from a vegan shop because they stocked Hellers. You had to order a minimum of 12 so I got a random selection. They then updated me to say, “Sorry there was an issue with our website, it’s a minimum of 12 per each different beer.” My wife still wonders why I get a vegan newsletter posted to me.

Also orderd from an online place and they then cancelled the order because none of the 12 or so beers were in stock.


Yeah, I was on a Mexican food/drinks site and didn’t order in the end, not enough stuff of interest. Because I’d put some items in the basket they keep turning up on my facebook page telling me I’ve not finished my order!


Not Beers of Europe by any chance ?

A mexican friend shared this link today:

In case you are interested.


Cheers for that @Taboada .

The ten beers they are offering are exactly the same ten I got from the internet, not that company though. Can’t remember which firm it was, but @BeardedAvenger posted a link to the website on a thread once and I used that.


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Was that Drinkscraft? I tried that as well. Only 7/10 beers were new to me but they were running something like 20-30% off do I ended up getting the box for under £25, or about £3.50 per rate so not impossible.

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