Sorry for your loss, Joe

Copied from Facebook:

My mom recently passed and we buried her this week. It might sound strange to some but I just got home from one of the strongest and most positive family experiences I’ve ever had. I’m very lucky to have had a supermom who raised 10 kids, left ~60 descendants, brought together many more with friends and spouses and their families, lived simply and positively and taught us well by example. She left it all out there on the court of life, and showed her colossal strength by gracefully enduring gigantic life challenges. She survived into a long life and left joyously and without fear. I’m also lucky to have such a great family who put together a lovely set of memorial events befitting of such an amazing matriarch who will stand out in the family tree of so many generations. Feel your life today! Send love to your friends and family! Be grateful for it all!


I´m sorry for your loss, Joe. Seemed to be a great woman.

Condolences, Joe.

Tough one for sure. Lost my mom 15 years ago. Miss her a lot. Think of her every day. What a woman. My condolences, JoeT. Peace.

My condolences Joe

Joe, very sorry to hear. And congratulations on having such a fantastic mom! Best wishes to you.


My condolences for your loss Joe