South American beers in Madrid


I’m going to be visiting Madrid in April.

How common are South American beers there – in addition to Spanish beers I’d like to pick up some new countries too, if possible. Columbia, Bolivia, Ecuador spring to mind. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen beers from some of these offered in Spanish online stores. How difficult is it to find this sort of exotica in Madrid? Any advice on specific bottle shops, bars or neighbourhoods to visit?

I’ll also be in Malaga, but the beer scene there looks pretty small from the places listed on ratebeer.

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Hello, it will be a pleasure to meet with you during your visit; also an IP trade with you would be really great. I can get beer from those countries aforementioned. after checking your missing countries, would be possible to get from Venezuela as well.

In Málaga Zombier is the best option, where you can get a huge selection of microbreweries from the States


Sounds good! I wrote you a beermail.

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Could you share your wisdom with the wider world? It would be nice to know where we can find exotic country ticks in Madrid :slight_smile:

Of course!! Here is my huge wisdom…
If you are looking for South American beer you should go to a Supermarket called Carrefour. There you can find beer from those countries

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That was way less exciting than I was hoping for :rofl:


Zombier - contact them well in advance and ask them if they put stuff togheter for u. The place is a bit mixed up - ie a warehouse with no labeling on the shelfs. And it was a hell to find, no sign, no house number, no doorbell. Phoned up and banged an anonymous door… entered 15 min before closing;) @YantarCoast

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