South East as a Region

The next in my controversial posts about the UK regions focuses on the South East. This includes: Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, East Sussex, Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Kent, Oxfordshire, Surrey and West Sussex.

As with the other regions I have just added up each persons rates in the counties top 50, but this is the closest yet with 62 beers between the top 2…

Rater Beers
imdownthepub 3073
Theydon_Bois 3011
harrisoni 2908
fonefan 2436
berkshirejohn 2110
BeardedAvenger 2024
Leighton 1937
mR_fr0g 1739
madmitch76 1679
cgarvieuk 1642
Grumbo 1517
Beese 1352
Scopey 1281
Fin 1111
SilkTork 1080
Mr_Pink_152 1053
yespr 1030
Stuu666 1017
Rasmus40 991
Rune 942
allmyvinyl 909
BeerViking 905
anders37 855
DJMonarch 832
Ungstrup 829
saxo 812
Finn 807
oh6gdx 796
CraftBeerNick 778
ManVsBeer 768
kwik-lime 749
joe19612 738
maeib 730
MrTipple 726
leaparsons 709
The_Osprey 693
SaintMatty 666
planky84 643
downender 609

@BlackHaddock you were at 54th place with 349 qualified rates.

Please feel free to post your stats, best beers or breweries. I will post mine unless I get locked up by the geography police first.

NOTE: I think the other regions are less controversial…


No surprise I’m absent from the top 50. My South East stats are shocking.

The top rated breweries do pretty well though:
Siren (62) 3.59
Burning Sky (9) 3.58
Wild Weather (18) 3.57
Tap Social (6) 3.55
Kissingate (6) 3.55

If Wild Weather gets moved to Wales or whatever then it would be replaced with UnBarred (7) 3.54

Most beers rated:

Siren 62
Dark Star 23
Vibrant Forest 18
Wild Weather 18
Shepherd Neame 17

Again, if Wild Weather gets moved it’d be replaced with Wychwood at 15. Yay.


Not a region I visit really unless catching the Chunnel or a ferry. Surprised I managed to reach 54th to be honest.

Shepherd Neame has 55 rates from me.
Siren 46
Wychwood 40

Top beer from the region is:


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Yes, Wild Weather have now apparently moved to Wales. But the last time I checked their website, etc, still had the Berks address.

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Hope Wild Weather get moved on here soon - could really do with extra West Glamorgan rates!


Berks 71
Bucks 23
E Sussex 45
Hants 59
Kent 23
Oxon 15
Surrey 11
W Sussex 20
Total 274

Cheers, Simon

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Ah interesting… so it seems Wild Weather bought Boss Brewing (wildly known for producing awful beer) in Swansea and moved WW production there. I’m assuming the owner Dai is Welsh.

As for my South East rates… Im not in the top 50 but i predict a huge jump in a couple of years when I’ll be visiting this area much more regularly.

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Having grown up in Hampshire I have never once considered myself to be from the South East. I guess I owe apologies to everyone who has ever asked where in the UK I am from as I have lied to a lot of people over the years.

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Well that was a surprise, no way would I have been top of this if Greater London had been included in the South East, but happy to assume the mantle all the same.
I will put my stats together pretty soon.


My Stats for my alleged home region. -

Berkshire - 493 Ratings for 7th place at 3.36 Ave - 26 Breweries.
Buckinghamshire - 412 Ratings, 1st place at 3.24 - 19 Breweries.
East Sussex - 256 Ratings, 7th place at 3.30 - 48 Breweries.
Hampshire - 314 Ratings, 5th place at 3.24 - 46 Breweries.
Isle of Wight - 20 Ratings, 20th place at 3.03 - 4 Breweries
Kent - 346 Ratings, 4th place at 3.21 - 50 Breweries
Oxfordshire - 744 Ratings, 1st place at 3.20 - 51 Breweries
Surrey - 163 Ratings, 5th place at 3.18 - 26 Breweries
West Sussex - 325 Ratings for 1st place at 3.27 - 39 Breweries.

Breweries with most Ratings
XT Brewing - 168
Siren - 155
Hook Norton - 119
Wychwood - 105
Vale Brewery - 93
Wild Weather - 92

Breweries with my highest average
Floc. Brewing - 3.65
Turpin Brewery - 3.62
Dark Star - 3.62
Beak Brewery - 3.61
Unbarred - 3.57
Flowerpots - 3.56

Got to get to the Isle of Wight again soon.


That’s interesting because I am born and bred in Hampshire and always thought of it as being in the SE.

Actually that’s a lie because Frimley Park Hospital is in Surrey.

Beers Breweries
Berks 717 28
Bucks 28 6
Essex 28 14
East Sus 97 27
Hants 600 56
IoW 30 5
Kent 79 20
Oxon 37 11
Surrey 421 30
W Sus 132 32
Elusive Berks 201
Siren Berks 139
Unity Hants 109
Double-Barrelled Berks 91
Ascot Surrey 60

This will be embarrassingly low
|East Sus|25
|Hants| 23
|IoW| 1|
|W Sus| 17
Grand total 190.
Clearly SE beers don’t travel north enough.

Although I knew Hampshire would help, I was surprised how much I had overall as not many counties other than IOW sought after in South East:

County Avg Rate # Rated
Berkshire 3.68 86
Buckinghamshire 3.2 26
East Sussex 3.46 47
Hampshire 3.5 120
Isle Of Wight 3.07 55
Kent 3.38 41
Oxfordshire 2.99 24
Surrey 3.18 25
West Sussex 3.46 27
Total 451
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I was born in the same hospital, what a coincidence.

I guess I potentially would describe the Basingstoke / Portsmouth end of the county as South East if forced to make such a designation. I grew up on the Dorset border though, so for my hometown I would say South West before South East (though I generally just say South).

Also my numbers are fairly pathetic for all my local counties growing up. I have 9 Hampshire beer rates, and 6 Hampshire place rates. The rest of the South East is similarly lacking with only Berkshire in double digits.


No birth link but my mate James, who a few folks on here know, lived on that little green triangle opposite the hospital in the late Victorian houses. Great place to live … many a happy night there.

Also of note in 2006 - 2014 Frimley …

Raj Tandoori … a really solid curry house with underfloor fish tanks !

FKC … Frimley Kebab Centre … full on red and white Colonel like marketing!


Better add some of my stats. These are my top rated breweries for the region:

Brewery Beers Average
Low Key Barrel Project 12 4.09
Arundel Brewery 8 3.93
Beak Brewery 43 3.84
Burning Sky Beer 45 3.83
Siren Crafty Brew 155 3.78

The 155 beers from Siren makes it my third highest.


So, the region where I live (Bucks) and work (Berks), and the one where I’m closest to being in “the list” - just 16 rates away:

Buckinghamshire 138
Berkshire 125
Oxfordshire 113
East Sussex 30
Hampshire 61
Kent 61
West Sussex 33
Surrey 24
Isle of Wight 8

Total 593

My highest rated beer from the region is Harvey’s Imperial Extra Double Stout at 4.6.

My top rated brewery from the region is Siren, averaging 3.69. My most-rated brewery is my local one - Rebellion with 42 rates.

My favourite place to date has been the Middle Farm Cider Centre down in Sussex.


I will be here in 2 weeks. Taking cruise out of South Hampton. Looks like a nice brewery right near port but as it’s a family trip not sure I’ll be able to snag will see. Anyways see ya soon England


Total of 687 (but not in many of the counties top 50 I would expect) :slight_smile:

Berkshire 230
Kent 143
East Sussex 134
Surrey 59
West Sussex 41
Hampshire 37
Oxfordshire 28
Buckinghamshire 12
Isle of Wight 3

Apart from Berkshire the next 3 make sense as have either lived or lived close to/worked across Kent/East Sussex/Surrey.

Back in London in 3 weeks time as usual this summer so expect not much will change above, as mostly new London rates I would imagine (as cant make GBBF this year sadly)

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