Spain regions

Just split all the small towns and seems like some trends that aren’t surprising. Catalonia is the big beer region as far as I can tell. A bunch of cideries in small basque towns, Valencia, Andalusia, Madrid and Castile-Leon have a decent brewery showing, and Galicia only kind of.

Outside of that it seems like pickings were few and far between. Only a couple of places in La Rioja, for example. Castila La Mancha, Navarre, Murcia and obviously the moroccan territories are pretty empty for places at least. Not sure if these stats reflect beer availability as this is just what I could tell from updating places in small towns.

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I failed uploading asturian cideries then… :grin:


Nooo, likely just some all too hasty reactions, as most cideries have not been linked with countries. We have found a bug where it’s more complicated to do so if the cidery has brackets - () - in the town name, and most cideries do.

Fairly sure we will get to Asturias too. :slight_smile: