Spain this month

So I’ll be visiting Barcelona and Madrid later this month. Should be in Barcelona from 10th and in Madrid from 14th. I’ve studied the places section, any new places worth visiting which haven’t been entered? Are there any beer events, tap takeovers etc I should take in account?

Unfortunately I can’t bring any beer since I’m traveling with hand luggage. I’ll have a tight (sightseeing) schedule but will reserve late afternoons/evenings for the beer part so if anyone wants to meet for a beer let me know.


In April 14th is a special event at Be Hoppy (Madrid). It´s a 3 Fonteinen tasting (Golden Blend 2016, Oude Geuze 2016, Armand & Gaston, Tuverbol, Intense Rood, KriekenLambiek and Hommage). I assume that the tasting will be guided and in spanish. Reservation is a must and it´s only for 7 people.

I don´t know if you are interested but if not (and maybe all places are already reserved)…but maybe after the tasting you can find some 3 Fonteinen stuff in the store.

Thanks! That’s just the kind of information I was looking for. I’ve contacted them, we’ll see if there are free spots and if something can be arranged considering they’re requiring payment in front.

Glad to read! If you finally come, hope to see you there! Aaand if you are open for an IP Trade it could be great taste some croatian craft.


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Many events have been added in different dates

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I’d say 3 Fonteinen tasting will be happening on 15th not on 14th, check out the events

Yeah, finally it´s Sunday (15th) at 13:00.

@taboada @teddybeer Guys are you also going to be at 3F tasting? Seems there is a free spot, but tasting will be in Spanish so I’m weighing pros and cons :slight_smile:

I cannot attend this one

I´m going. Be hoppy is my top one Madrid place and I will be in the city from friday to Sunday…so I can´t skip it!!

If you have facebook you can follow

It´s a mini-festival that takes place in the neighbourhood of “Lavapies”. There´s plenty of beers, tastings and tapas pairing. Sadly, all the information it´s also in Sanish…but if you are looking for local beer this could be your best choice. Check out the photos section.

For example, in Saturday afternoon you have a Meet the Brewer at “Chinaski” with Garage Beer (from Barcelona), a “express tasting” of 8 Dougalls (from Cantabria and one of the top spanish brewery) beers in 8 minutes at “Casa Zoilo”…Most of this bars are not a stricted beer venues but joins specially for the beer week.

Still waiting answer from them if they would accept Paypal. Anyway tasting or not if you want to meet for a beer Saturday evening or Sunday let me know.

Unfortunately couldn’t bring beers from Croatia since I’m traveling with hand luggage but we can share a bottle in some of the shops or bars.

I´m travelling with my wife and my 7 months old son, so it´s difficult to plan a schedule of bars/bottle shops for a bottle sharing. But definitely I will go to Be Hoppy and Brew Wild on saturday morning because the spots are in a good situation for walking and lunch with the family and couple of friends. On saturday evening it depends (I need to check the tap menu of top Madrid venues)…but maybe we will hit the “Malasaña” area (Irreale, Fabrica Maravillas, Stuyck…).
Sunday, I´m going only to the 3 Fonteinen tasting.

Enjoy your trip!