Spanish city place listings

Not sure where this thread went but there was a thread on problems with some listings of Spanish cities in the Places section. The database was recently updated to ensure much better coverage. I still need to ensure edits do not exacerbate the problem. I know Marko was on the thread so I am tagging him.


Probably this one?

Thanks. Yes, that was an unusual title.

Thanks, @Marko !

I have similar type of issue. I am probably going to orange county brewers tonight, a new brewery that has one place rating here on Ratebeer, When i click on local map though it doesn’t show up just some other bar with no place ratings. I clicked the business that links to google maps but not to our place rating page.

Yes, probably a different issue, but I’m sorry you’re experiencing it. Thanks for feeding back. I sent a private message. Hopefully we can fix the problem quickly.

The problem affects not only spanish cities but any city with hyphens or brakets in the name, worldwide. And yes, some places have been edited by request to local admins, so local users should keep and eye on any progress made , and ensure no places are removed from the original listings.
Thanks to @Marko for caring about this.

Yes, more than 300 listings were corrected with this update and from around the world.

Additionally, Jow’s question prompted a look at the problem and discovery of 31 unretired places in the US without States. All were corrected manually.

This should show the map location where all those places land, sometimes it it misinformation on user side but many times it i aswell because RB cant handle special characters in for example street names. They all need to be fixed manually I assume.

Yes, and I reported in the Admin Forum as a bug at the beginning of February. There were no news from you… except @fiulijn and @Marko.

Last commment in that thread was reported 24 days ago… Good!!!

Good? I apologize if we’ve set the expectation that every report of an error in data or bug on the site can be attended to and fixed in a matter of hours or minutes. As others here will attest, this is surely not the case. Most new software or data changes are planned to occur on a quarterly basis, with significant bugs given priorities that normally has them corrected within a day. Less important bugs may take weeks, months or if they’re deemed to affect few or not have a significant negative effect on normal use - years to be corrected. This is how having a very small team works at RateBeer.

I very much do appreciate feedback. We kill dozens of bugs weekly largely due to great feedback. If we don’t get to your favorite item today or this week, and you think we should, we might have different priorities at the moment and apologize for the delay.

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