Spare ticket for Beavertown Extravaganza - Saturday session

Friend of mine has a spare for the sold out Saturday session.

£45 as per purchase price with booking fee.

Drop me a BM if interested.

We are meeting up in Bermondsey in the morning before heading to the fest.

I don’t need the ticket but may see you in Bermondsey in the morning.

Possibly, if you can’t shift it otherwise. BM sent.

Always good to meet up with you Ian.

Usual start …Bottle Shop and Anspach then see what time allows.

I bought a bottle of Kernel pale ale last Weekend with Harry and smashed it went I got home so need to register buy it. See you at Bottle Shop.

Sounds more like it was a bottle of Kernelskaya Pale Wodka! :smiley:

Not going to make this morning
Have decided to spend more time with my duvet. See you at Extravaganza

Pah … Light weight … I’ll still be there.

I was also in the house of hammerton until half midnight last night @hardcore rater!

Decent venue … 24 taps … half Hammerton and half guests with the likes of cloudwater, Wylam and others.