Special characters in city places still an issue

Has been reported earlier, can’t find a topic right now.

When going to a place in Göteborg using the website on my Android phone (Chrome), then hitting the link to list all places, I come to


Which have no places.

E.g. doing it from here


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Manual edit works to get to:


Yeah for some reason in the new Place page, they are listed to Göteborg but the link from Göteborg redirect to Goeteborg instead of Goteborg… How can this still happens…

If you try to use the Filter in the City Page when then City name has special characters in it, we get redirected to an empty page:

For example, For the city of Lévis, QC, Canada

The city page is under the following URL (with missing special characters but all the places are listed there)

But if I use the filter, I’m redirected to this non-existent city page (the special characters É isn’t missing but none of the places are listed there)
(when I copy paste the address in the forum …I get this
https://www.ratebeer.com/Places/FindPlacesByCity.asp?CountryID=39&StateID=61&City=Lévis )

And from that last page, if I click the link embedded in the City name, it redirects me back to the good City page…

Also, from the first page, each time you use a filter, it toggles between the good and the bad city URL (with or without accent) each and every time you click on one filter…one time the good one, one time the bad one…etc…

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