Splitting bottles at bars in Copenhagen

Hey everyone. I will be in Copenhagen from Wednesday December 12th to Friday December 14th. Planning on going to Koelschip and 1420. Anyone interested in splitting bottles at those bars during those days?

@Desverger, you’re probably in the area somewhere Reubs :blush::beers:

@inbreak - :sunglasses:

@vantuylw85 - busy week and not around today or Friday, but (hoping) to make the Aslin beer TTO
at Himmeriget tomorrow arriving sometime around 16:30-17:30 - I wont have much time myself outside of trying the TTO beers, and it might not be a place on your list of bars to visit but its actually a really good place to find cool friendly (both local and tourist) like minded people who want to share bottles :+1: