St. Kitts Carib Brewery

Does anyone know the reason why the Carib beers brewed in St. Kitts are aliased with other Carib beers? I’m just curious as I know somebody going to St. Kitts and would have him pick me up the country ticks, but i they are going to stay aliased then there is no point. Thanks.

This is standard. If a beer is made elsewhere but to the same recipe then it should not be added as a separate listing. Pale Lagers seem to the the worst offenders when people are after ticks from new countries.

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^^ that

I actually have a St. Kitts tick (of FES) in my personal db, but I don’t have a St. Kitts tick in RB.

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If the Carib brewery at St. Kitts made a beer there that they didn’t make at Trinidad would it count?

Yes, assuming it’s their own recipe and not just another brewery’s beer brewed under licence.

FES brewery?!

Guinness Foreign Extra Stout, I presume

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Aaaa good old Ireland;)

The FES brewed in Jamaica is actual available on several Caribbean islands. Are you sure the version you had was brewed in St. Kitts?

I ended up not trading for it, but yeah, it’s brewed in St. Kitts. He would have picked it up at the brewery there.

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