St Louis Jan 29th - Feb 9th

Hi all, I know there are a couple active users out in St Louis, I will be in town for work for a couple of weeks in a couple weeks. I have a pretty good idea of the vibe and have visited several places already but if any of you are down for an evening beer some time let me know! I’ll be staying downtown by union station.

Hopefully the STL weather will be better for you than what we’ve been having here… anyhow, I’ll be out of town 2/2-2/7, but will be here a some at the front and back end of your stay. Not sure what the calendar looks like right now, but hopefully our schedules can match up at some point to get a pint or two.

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Vyvvy is a good friend of mine whom I have known for almost 13 years. I will be out of town till 2/5 but will be free that evening or on 2/6. I am down for some good beers and its been a while since i have met a “new” ratebeerian.

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Sounds good sirs, I’ll update once I’m in town!