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St. Louis RateBeer Summer Gathering 2019


Some of us are in the early stages of planning this. Who is beyond interested?

The date is the weekend of July 20 and there is a LOT of organizing to do. We need to hear who would attend this. Talk to me!!


I would attend. This sounds great. Thanks for taking the lead on this!


I am in, Be great to see everyone again.


I’m in. Thanks


I’m in! Can’t wait to hang with @Sledutah again!


I am in. I’ll likely spend 2 weeks in StL around this time and can help with the gathering if needed.


99% sure to be there. Had a great time last time!


Hell yeah! Can’t wait! We need to rally some old schoolers!


Glad to see the community making things happen again. I’m in.


Will be good to see you again!





(Ugh stupid forums wouldn’t let me post that alone so here is a sentence)




Let’s make this the best RBSG of all time, likely most intimate as well.


How confirmed is this? I need to start planning work and transport wise.


I am worried the recent business news may affect participation. I’ll be there one way or another, so worst case scenario @Ferris you can hang with me. :slight_smile:


With new news I must admit my desire to put effort into planning events for this has waned considerably. However, I’d be more than happy to be a tour guide for anyone coming to our fair city. Always love meeting up with the fine folks from RB whether visiting somewhere else or others visiting in STL.


I have real interest in joining in on a old fashion RBSG. I hope this new news doesn’t crush the opportunity, for us all to get together. Thanks STL crew


Just don’t call it RBSG. (Would love to attend but I am already booked that week for family vacation)


Wish I could attend as the STL RBSG a few years back was awesome. Alas, I’m getting married that weekend, so I won’t be able to make it.