St. Louis RateBeer Summer Gathering 2019

Andrew don’t do it, you can still save yourself. Join us it will be way more fun then a wedding. Best wishes buddy


Im in


Wedding party st STL?


For all us old schoolers, I vote you guys still keep planning it and have us all out! Sure RB may be fully sold out now, but that doesn’t mean it has to crush our event and all of us getting together for beer and camaraderie.


I am echoing the sentiments of others. I would love to hang out and tick some beers, regardless of this site. I go to these events because I am surrounded by like minded beer geeks who think drinking in hotel lobbies till 3am is acceptable practice.

If we need to move this conversation to another platform, I don’t mind as the need to normalize my ludacris hobby with some fine drinking folk far outweighs a software platform.


Im sure this will be a blast.

Im ISO a winter gathering … the summer ones in the US never work fir me

Congrates … see if you can beat my 10 months !

if you build it we will come

Bit difficult not being in the US !

A UK one on the other hand …

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@Strykzone I think this is the most fitting timing for a RBSG or probably the last RBSG ever. And how fitting that it would be in StL. I can imagine it now:

We can have a funeral for RB. Maybe we can get someone to do a eulogy.
We can get ABInBev/Ratebeer shirts and go to the AB brewery.
We finish it with everyone rating an AB product.

I think we can make this very special and a reminder of good times past. I hope you are still up for the task, Dave. I can probably get us cheap prices on shirts and glassware.


Oh man that didn’t even cross my mind - it would be hilarious for us all to book an AB tour and all wear RateBeer/InBev shirts.

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Guys, I appreciate all of the support for the Summer Gathering. I was prepared to invest hours of organization time that would likely have gone into the hundreds. However, with this announcement my heart is just not into it. And like many of you I am evaluating my active involvement in the site.

With Vyvvy already having posted he is not interested in moving forward with RBSG I am sorry to say it looks like there will be no RateBeer Summer Gathering in St. Louis. It would have been a fun party!

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Sad panda. I had already started saving special beers for it



The last good thing about Ratebeer is gone…

In Europe we still have the European Local Swaps with great participation.

You should still have it since ABInbev doesn’t get anything out of it if you want to show off your town and drink with like minded folk for a weekend. Just rename it FRBSG with the F standing for Former or exRBSG something like that. I get not wanting to be an admin anymore or rating but drinking beers is still fun. I can’t go I actually did road trip ending in St Louis last summer did love Side Project though.


If I find us a place for a grand tasting, get us tshirts and glasses, who would come? Hotels and brewery crawls can be less formal. My inlaws are in StL and I spend 2 weeks each summer there anyway, might as well make it fun.

What beaatiefan2k is proposing is what I was wondering about recently. The amount of work that was going to go into this before just isn’t going to happen. Something simple and chill with like minded folks would be nice though.

I’m down to hang at least!

Having organized a RBWG myself, it took an ASSLOAD of work to organize sponsors, packages for RBians, a bus tour, booking brewery reservations and having breweries open especially for us, etc. So if you want to head up some of this, then I’m still in.

Even organizing how many are coming, shirts, glasses, etc. can be a pain. And even if we keep it informal, what if 45 people show up? We can’t just walk into Side Project all at once with a group of 50? And drunk driving? People better be responsible!

Anyway, I’m down. The old school super helper RBian in me is aching to help but I know I won’t have time, especially leading up to the event, as I teach summer camps June 15-July 15, so I’ll be slammed that month.

I hope something can work out!