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St. Louis RateBeer Summer Gathering 2019


I have helped Dr Owl and organizers in a few other year’s Gatherings too. I would be happy to help. Lets see if 2 or 3 others might be interested in helping with parts of getting this put together. Getting a good framework together during February would go a long way to let those interested what this can be, and then make commitments. Simple and chill, sounds terrific.

Eugene, maybe you and I could find some time soon to discuss how to make this happen. Maybe over a beer :- )

cheer john


I have already started looking at airline tickets. Tjis would be great fun.


I’m a spokesperson of ABInBev, we would like to sponsor part of the gathering; would that make you more likely to attend?

Rice rules!


Dont forget … the Inbev way is to stage a Rate Beer event but dont tell anyone on RB about it!

Ill get onto the Aus team … thats where its at now!


I am in and am sad ABinBev has already started to kill the community. We can’t let them win can we?

Just need to book time off work and plane tickets, so as soon as someone is pretty confident this is going forward please let me know.


I would still attend this, even if it is a lot more casual. Meeting up with rb guys is always fun. Could even take a Muckfest type approach and get a condo or something a group can split and share bottles all day for a weekend.


Only if there’s a hot tub


Seems like a fair request


It a shame that Vyvvy and Strykzone have been so bummed by the sellout to AbInBev that they no longer have the incentive to continue forward with the StL RBSG. But I understand. Ir really takes the wind out of your sails. I was one of the people that was really interested in getting another RBSG together and was excited those two were willing to invest the time and effort to put this together.

jcwattsrugger has offered to help to continue to move this forward. It would be nice to have someone on the ground in St. Louis to help but this is still a great location with lots of new breweries to visit. So I will volunteer to help. A lot can be done remotely and by working together

However all is not lost yet.

So, in my opinion, we need to pick a good hotel that will give us good rates, allow bottle sharing someplace on the site, contact breweries to let them know we are coming, and find a location for a grand tasting we have the core of successful gathering. We can use uber/lyft or public transit and a bus for a least one day is still a possibility .

Those who want to make it still happen and are willing to help should step up. We will form a committee, identify all the task, divide up the work, and make this happen,

Let not let this die.


I’m in. Boise in the house! (Jeremy, you better come too…)


Just a thought about organizing these sorts of events…

Part of the reason we were often able to get cool special visits, tours, beers, etc. was the cachet of RateBeer and having 50 active raters (or however many) attending a brewery/bar all at once and bringing some good publicity to the place.

Hopefully with local people that have relationships with staff, brewers, etc. any future gatherings will get the same sort of access.

The hospitality of the places we visited was a big factor in making the gatherings special. I’d hate to see it turn into breweries seeing it as just another group of dudes rolling in on a tour bus.


Would be interested. Not sure if I can make it yet.


Truths here!

I was able to organize a successful RBWG because I was tight with all the breweries and they thought it was super cool we were doing this. Especially post sellout now, some may be hesitant to host us.

That being said, I’m with the others that even if it’s a more chill hang, we visit some breweries, pop lots of bottles and rate, it can still be really fun.


I’m willing to be on the committee at least in a small advisory way and can help some at least!


Sorry there has not been much input from us here in STL, but thought I’d hold off a bit instead of posting feeling one way and then another while processing this whole thing. Very much two minds of this right now. The 100% AB InBev thing maybe stings a little extra being in STL. While I was never a fan of AB’s products, they used to be awesome for the STL area - treated employees amazing, tons of community involvement, philanthropy, etc. When InBev got involved a large majority of that left. Heck, locals fleeing purchasing their products anymore really led to the boom in craft beer in STL. Still contemplating my involvement here, especially doing free admin work for AB InBev. Harbor no ill will towards Joe, his experience with these folks is obviously way different that the STL area and he has been in a unique situation for quite a while.

On the other side of things, I know this gathering is not a celebration of this news or AB InBev sponsored or anything. Its a gathering of like minded folks that want to get together to celebrate a shared hobby in a positive way. I also think its great so many people are on board to help out with this and behave like a community even though we’re all over the map location wise. The community here has been what has made me love RB over the years - have met many people here that will surely be life long friends.

That said, Dave and I are meeting tonight and will discuss this and our levels of involvement. It is exciting to see the reaction from a lot of people in this thread & it has helped change my initial mindset of involvement after the announcement.



John and the rest of the STL crew,

I can realate to the RBSG kick in the nuts from AB. Me and Toby organized the last Summer Gathering right as the first shoe of AB dropped. I can feel your pain and worries of no support from breweries and so on. We got great support, because we sold it ti them all as not RateBeer but a great community of beer ambassadors. Hope this will help i would also be happy to give a hand if i can.



I might even keep the RB name out of it. Or perhaps we can say that a bunch of ex-RBians are coming to StL to protest ABInbev by supporting the other local brewers.


Fingers crossed. Live in KC, willing to do what I can to help.


I’ll help where I can. As others have stated above, this is an opportunity to get together again, share a few laughs, beers and whatever else may follow.


After talking last night I think I can safely say that while we can help a bit with a gathering, neither Dave or I are up for any sort of leadership role in getting this rolling along and it would really have to be run by a community effort.

I believe there are already a few people here looking into various aspects of putting this together. When I’m by some brewpubs I’ll talk with folks I know to let them know a gathering may be upcoming and see their responses and what they might be able to do.

Dave - please let me know if I misspoke on anything here - I’m not always the best conveying someone else’s thoughts.