Stannary Brewing

Has anyone lost their ratings for this Brewer? There appears to be only one rating now for their beers, I just need to check whether the Brewer has wiped unwanted ratings.

Not sure I’d ever rated anything from this brewery so don’t believe I’ve lost anything. My total Devon count is pretty much where I think it should be, just past 100 rates.

There are also no reviews for the taproom.

Could always have been the case though?

Surely brewers don’t have the power to delete ratings? Perhaps they can delete beers (and the ratings that go with them). If so, they could effectively wipe the slate clean by deleting a beer and adding it again.

Six beers were added by the brewer on 1 February 2018. Apart from that, no beers have been added since February 2017. But I guess you know that as you’ve verified he new additions.

Wayback Machine is no help here as that page isn’t archived. Google cache is at 28 January 2018 so that isn’t much help either - just the beers that were on the site before the 1 February new additions.

I’d never even heard of them. Not so very long ago a UK brewery that I wasn’t aware of, however dimly, was a rarity. Certainly not the case nowadays.

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