Stat Attack – 32 – Russia (1st July 2022)

Next up is on the table, right next to Brazil, is Russia :ru:… yes, it had to be done at some point.

On good old RateBeer we have 6,125 users that have rated at least one beer from the country.

Russia, or as it is also known, the Russian Federation, is the largest country in the world. To give you an example of its sheer size — if the country’s largest region, the Republic of Sakha, was an independent country, it would be the eighth largest in the world, just behind India :india:.

Russia is home to both the longest river (the Volga) and highest peak :mountain_snow: (Mount Elbrus) in Europe.

Until very recently, Russia was largely known for its art :art:, literature :open_book:, music :musical_score:, ice skating and other winter sports :ice_hockey:, and various achievements and failures in the Soviet period, as well as a number of frozen conflicts, the almost bloodless annexation of Crimea in 2014, and, of course “legitimately elected democratic leader” Vladimir Putin and his Soviet predecessors. These days, however, Russia is a bit of a pariah state (in Europe and the US anyway). I won’t go into detail because I’m sure everyone knows why.

Russia has :beer: traditions that stretch back centuries, but only relatively recently has beer become a popular drink among the masses. If the current statistics are right, then beer is now the most popular drink, with vodka in a close second.

Breweries can be found in 80 of the country’s 83 (internationally recognised) regions, as well as Crimea and Sevastopol.

As for the Russian craft scene… well, it has only existed since about 2010, and experienced a boom in the past five or so years. The scene has generally followed global trends with a big spike in hazy IPAs, pastry stouts and smoothie sours, but for some reason, there has also been an obsession with tomato goses and food-flavoured beers (KFC beer anyone? Or how about kimchi beer?). Recently, some of the more well-known breweries have thankfully began pivoting towards classic styles.

This year looks like the year that craft has gone mainstream, but it seems to be driven by the need to replace similarly-priced imports that have stopped either due to the breakdown in logistics chains or due to companies pulling out (BrewDog, Diageo, Plzensky Prazdroj, etc.). It remains to be seen how things will develop, given the economic downturn and heavy (98%) dependence on imported hops.

As for RateBeer, which has never been that popular here (folks are bloody loving UnTappd, however), our database contains 584 active breweries, 18 meaderies, 27 cideries, and 0 sake producers.

It takes a respectable 115 beers to enter the top 50.

As it stands, the biggest raters of Russian beers is Belarusian @alex_leit , with a large 4,478 Russian beer ratings, or 44% of the current database (nice work). The top ten is actually quite diverse, with three raters based in Russia :ru:, two in Belarus :belarus:, two in Estonia :estonia:, two in Israel :israel:, and one in Switzerland :switzerland:.

1 alex_leit 4478 44%
2 sharkydodson 3259 32%
3 vinivini 2942 29%
4 vladeath 1645 16%
5 YantarCoast 1136 11%
6 DSG 651 6%
7 Marduk 550 5%
8 FatPhil 484 5%
9 zvikar 429 4%
10 kto 335 3%

As for raters inside the country itself, @sharkydodson holds the top spot with more than 5k rakes:

Name Ratings
1 sharkydodson 5200
2 YantarCoast 3873
3 vladeath 2982
4 MrGrigg182 497
5 TheWhaleNorman 486
6 artiredbirds 455
7 Rammer 397
8 Werthergoethe 358
9 Perun 356
10 Dzhigga 349

Special stats mention: I have racked up the most brewery ratings (239 or 240, RateBeer cannot seem to decide), as well as the most regions (61 out of 83).

Anyway, please share your stats and stories. And happy Friday to all!


Nice writeup. Even if it feels a bit awkward, from my side a low 11 ratings from 6 breweries from 3 regions.

Never been to, and probably never will, only seen it and some border guards from East Finland in the 80s.


Not much reason to visit now, for sure. Hopefully in the future things will be different. That said everyone I know who has visited Russia (prior to this insane year) has had a good (if not great) experience of the country. The people here are not so much different from everyone else in Europe really. It’s just the government that is so fucked up. But that’s just my view as a foreigner living from here for the past 14 years.


Russia is a neighboring country but not easy to visit. To much paper work, which I hate! If I ever will visit, it is not in near future, for sure! Have tried about 40 beers, many during the beer trip to Minsk with @gunnar and @alex_leit. Not Russia but lots of Russian beers available in Minsk.


6 rates from Russia, my top rated at 3.9 is a cider - Bullevie Artisan Brut Nature

There are 27 active cideries in Russia, with Los I Kedr having the most entries at 22

Top 5 Russian Cider and Cidery raters are:

RussiaCider Ratings



True. Now more beer bars and more local and Russian craft beers in Minsk.

Almost all of Russian beers that I rated was found in Minsk.


19 rates, from only 5 regions.


Vasileostrovskoe Doktor Faust 3.4 3.19 7/4/2018
Zagovor Bitter End 3.4 3.67 11/3/2020
Trekhsosensky Med i Solod 3.2 3.01 5/29/2019
Volkovskaya Blansh de Mazay 3 3.21 2/25/2020
Baltika 6 Porter 2.9 3.45 4/23/2012
Fon Vakano 1881 2.9 2.87 1/13/2018

Never been, but would have loved too before the Ukrainian issues.



122 beers across 11 Russian regions

Russia comes in at 18th in most country ticks

Russian beers were pretty easy to come across a year or so ago, and the excellent Beerdome used to feature new breweries/regions often up until the “special operation/war”

Never been to Russia but one of my friends here is from St. Petersburg and I was close to visiting but decided against it under current considerations (are we even allowed nowadays/no idea?)


You can definitely visit, although I assume that most European governments advise against it. It’s harder to get to now. No direct flights from Europe (except Serbia), the only other way is via Turkey or Asia. There used to be a train from Helsinki to St. Petersburg, but that is gone too. I think all the other train routes, from the Baltic states, have been cancelled as well.

I have had 21 Russian beers from just 5 regions. Top rated is as follows:

AF Brew Candyman! 4.6 3.75 6/23/2020
Selfmade Brewery Mako APA 4.2 3.35 6/30/2020
Zagovor Against Milk! 3.9 3.58 12/31/2020
Bullevie Artisan Brut Nature 3.9 3.26 6/16/2022
AF Brew Old Sparky 3.8 3.62 6/22/2020
Zagovor Bitter End 3.8 3.67 11/8/2020
Selfmade Brewery Cake Is A Lie 3.7 3.38 6/10/2020
Stamm Beer Nevermont Magic Dust 3.5 3.56 6/30/2020
GAS Brew Lazer Head #3 3.5 3.25 2/14/2022
Panzer Nitro Charger 3.4 3.09 12/6/2021

Have picked these up in a few different places, but like others have pointed out much seems to find its way to the Netherlands and Belgium so I’ve found some in Beerdome, Dranken Geers and the Moersleutel online shop when a friend placed an order.

Was very happy to find a couple of Bullevie ciders in the National Brewery Centre, Burton on Trent (still have one to try), a good producer up St Petersburg way, influenced by French cider-making techniques. A shame it’s now looking impossible to find now, but also it seems they are also having difficulty with distribution into shops and can only sell online atm.

I must give a mention to my least rated entry as an example of a smoothie beer that turns out hideously wrong (thick brown congealed gunk and huge foam head that doesn’t stop growing) but still manages to get 5/5 scores on Untappd, despite the same description and appearance in check-ins.

I’ve visited Russia a couple of times, once driving in from Eastern Kazahkstan, and have really nice memories of the scenic vistas following the winding Katon river towards the Altai mountains in time for a full solar eclipse in Mongolia.

Just prior to this we stopped off in Barnaul, Siberia. Was quite a smart hotel. When we set off in the morning (in our English-registered car) we were stopped on the way out of the car park by ‘journalists’ from the local newspaper wanting to speak with people who’d travelled to see the eclipse. We agreed, and they asked us to follow them to their ‘office’. Naively we followed and spent a good two hours being interviewed by the newspaper, and several other womens lifestyle maazines, such was the rarity of two guys from the UK travelling through. In hindsight this may or may not have been undercover Russian government agents. But they let us go, and gave us bright orange baseball hats with the newspaper logo on.

Have found the random Russians ive met on my travels to be warm and friendly. We have quite a few customers from Russia (there are a few highly ranked private schools locally which attract mostly foreign students) and until recently we had a 2018 Russia World Cup sticker on our coffee machine given to us by a regular. So yes, I can only agree with Yantar’s comments above. Unfortunately I just cannot see myself returning any time soon, even if the conflict ends in the next few years.


Ah, Kazakhstan is an awesome place. Yeah, the whole smoothie thing has gone too far in my opinion. Saw a “smoothie stout” the other day. Seriously.


I’ve rated two Russian beers. I drink American, British, German, and when I can get them South African beers.


Just 1 Russian rate from me, a bang-average lager from Baltika. Seems it’s a good scene over there, and worth looking for some different beers, but in the current climate I’m abstaining I’m afraid


Been there twice. First time over 20 years ago. Only bad beers and vodka…last time 4 years ago, lots of great crafts. I love the fruit beers. 3 with 4.4 Now 90 ratings

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I´ve visited Moscow and St. Petersburg when I was a teenager (16 years old). So no beers at that age, but as a enthutiast of 20th Century World History I enjoyed the travel a lot. At that age, visiting places such as Kremlin, Winter Palace (Hermitage) or Red Square was an unforgettable experience.

I´ve rated 141 Russian beers (Top-40) from 27 Breweries and 7 regions. My average score is low (3.38) because of the Spicy Flavored Goses.

Would love to return some day.


Great to see the Stat Attacks continue, and a interesting one is this.

We spent my 40th birthday in Russia, flying out to St Petersburg & then taking the train to Moscow for 4 days in each city. Incredible experience all around. This was 7 years ago, so just as Russia brought in the biometric requirements for there Visa… meaning a 2 day trip to London, one of my wife’s least liked cities.
Craft beer was just starting up back then if you looked for it, and really where I first used Ratebeer to access the excellent places index.

I’ve had 24 beers with a average of 3.31 from 6 regions

Jaws Brewery Atomnaya Prachechnaya 4 3.64 2/12/2021
Jaws Brewery American Pale Ale (APA) 4 3.48 2/18/2021
Jaws Brewery Pale Ale (English Style) 3.9 3.36 2/13/2021
Salden’s Sea Bastard American IPA 3.9 3.44 2/19/2021
Knightberg Pale Ale Citra 3.6 3.32 2/13/2021
Salden’s Rye IPA 3.6 3.16 2/19/2021
Bakunin Ruka Boga 3.6 3.17 2/19/2021
Vasileostrovskoe Triple Wheat Ale 3.5 3.24 2/11/2021
AF Brew Hoppy Surf 3.5 3.34 2/12/2021
Metropole Esprit Trappist 3.5 3.37 2/15/2021 2/15/2021
ID Brewery Holly Hopper 3.5 3 2/19/2021
AF Brew My Wheatberry Nights 3.5 3.37 2/19/2021
1516 Pub & Brewery Chatterer 3.5 3.04 5/9/2021

I’ve rated 3 places -
| My Rating|Avg|Entered|Updated|
|GlavPivMag (Bar & Bottleshop)|86|83|11/10/2021||
|Redrum Bar|86|93|11/10/2021||
|Brasserie de Metropole|80|77|11/10/2021||

I would dearly like to visit again, the Trans-Siberian railway has always been pretty close to the top of my travel wish list, but given the present situation that’s some years away.


A lot of familiar beers in your list! Jaws APA was in fact the first APA and first Russian craft beer that I tried, back in autumn 2014, a few months after joining ratebeer. It blew my mind.

GlavPivMag is still going strong, and I think the other two places are still in business. Unfortunately, I haven’t been to St. Petersburg (the so-called beer capital of Russia) since joining the site.

By the way, there’s the Brazil stat attack too, but the stats are a little thin on the ground.


I appear to have started boycotting Russian beer very early. And certainly the people in my experience are much better than their government (ain’t it always the way?)

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Used to like Russia and Russians a lot, and have many times dreamed of exploring various parts of Russia. Now most of that has changed due to the horrible crimes committed by the cleptocratic leadership pursuing personal wealth and lebensraum.

Nevertheless I have rated 242 beers fron Russia, making it my 24th most rated country. The low average of 2.52 is due a large portion of macro lagers.

I have visited Russia several times. One quick trip through Kaliningrad in November sleet. One stop over in Moscow, en route to Kazakhstan. Once by boat from Trabzon to Sochi, and onwards to Crimea (pre-conflict). Sadly that ferry was delayed by days, so missed out on visiting the moutains. I have also one work related trip to Kemerovo in southern Siberia (making me top rater of Kemerovskaya oblast) and a trip to St Petersburg, where brewpub visits were part of the agenda. Actually my user pic is still from there…

Other than that I have tried a good few Russian craft beers in Minsk, and Russian craft imports were just ramping up also in Sweden, before sh*t hit the fan.

My highest rated Russian beers are:

My Rating Avg Entered Updated
Metropole Saison Blanche 4.2 3.22 7/5/2011
Metropole Rouge des Flandres 4.1 3.08 7/4/2011
Metropole Humuline 4 3.04 7/5/2011
Bakunin Pervyj Aviator 4 3.33 10/22/2018
Selfmade Brewery / Midnight Project / Hops Prostor 3.9 3.35 12/15/2018
Victory Art Brew Red Sails IPA 3.9 3.58 2/26/2019

Have ticked off only 22 out of 83 regions :frowning:

Highest rated breweries are:

Bakunin Brewery Saint Petersburg 5 3.58
Brasserie de Metropole Saint Petersburg 12 3.56
Victory Art Brew Moscow Oblast 12 3.46
Stamm Beer Moscow 5 3.42
Brewlok Voronezh Oblast 6 3.33

Only 5 rates from me and in two regions. The only craft being from Jaws. I probably would have traveled to Russia prior as a lot of the Northern Europe cruise itinerary’s that my family and I had been scouting use to stop in St Petersburg. That has obviously changed and will see what world is like once we finally book such an adventure. Also Kvass is my least rated style so was planning on stopping at a Russian grocer nearby at some point to try and grab some style ticks but not sure if that flow has also seized up. As someone who does some mountain climbing Elbrus was once of the 7 summits (highest on each continent), that is not a goal I am after but it was on my radar as a possible peak at some point. Not sure how climbing that will work in future and there is far more important issues than completing mountaineering lists but it was a highly popular peak prior, so unless redraw boundaries of what constitutes Europe it’ll be tough to highpoint it going forward.

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