Stat Attack on Styles

Just looked at my five least rated styles and thought it would be interesting to compare with others:

Polotmavý Score = 3.11, Rates = 9. Two trips to Prague has helped me to this total.
German Kristallweizen Score = 3.32, Rates = 6. Rarely see these outside of Germany.
Sahti/Gotlandsdricke/Koduõlu Score = 3.3, Rates = 4. Just don’t see any in the UK very often.
Lambic Style - Faro Score = 3, Rates = 3. Rare even in Belgium
Lambic Style - Unblended Score = 2.75, Rates = 2. Not really a fan of sours, so don’t chase.


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Style Score Rates
German Kristallweizen 2.99 11 Not that common to find
Sahti/Gotlandsdricke/Koduõlu 3.05 11 Also rare.
Eisbock 3.32 8 A bit too strong to drink regularly and not that common.
Polotmavý 2.95 6 Have’t been to Prague in a long time.
Lambic Style - Faro 3.78 6 Just not many of it
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Trying to get all styles to ten, I have three at ten, then the last four:

Style Score Rates
Sahti/Gotlandsdricke/Koduõlu 3.26 9 Hard to get to ten, interesting style.
Eisbock 3.61 8 I enjoy it, but hard to get. Got two in Beer Cellar! :smile:
Lambic Style - Unblended 2.41 7 Difficult to find :frowning_face:
Lambic Style - Faro 2.80 5 Also difficult to find :frowning_face:
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I am currently trying to get all to 5 in a first step and then to ten. 0 Scottish Ale.

Style Score Rates
Mild Ale 3.3 2 not common in Germany, need to go to England
Old Ale 3.61 2 dont see them often
Sahti/Gotlandsdricke/Koduõlu 3.45 2 Difficult to find :frowning_face:
Polotmavy 2.1 1 hard to get, need to travel east
Malt Liquor 3.7 1 dont see them anywhere, but will get one on a festival Saturday

And those are basically the only ones below 5 and my styles between 5-10 I can get above ten, but really struggling with those.

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If you are into trading and have some interesting local stuff try contacting minutemat, he could find you some Mild and Old Ales I am sure.


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Cream Ale 3.41 / 9 Apparently I really like this. Should get more.
Scottish Ale 2.95 / 8 Not really a style.
Sahti/Gotlandsdricke/Koduõlu 3.1 / 7 . Rare. Love juniper. Sahti not so much.
Lambic Style - Unblended 2.88 / 5 . Sour and expensive, 2 things that don’t appeal to me.
Lambic Style - Faro 1.7 / 1. It’s Lambic mixed with Dutch Oud Bruin, 2 of my worst styles. Not chasing this whatsoever.

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Sahti/Gotlandsdricke/Koduõlu 3.05 - 16
Scottish Ale 3.08 - 15
German Kristallweizen 3.29 - 15
Polotmavý 2.82 - 14
Lambic Style - Faro 2.92 - 12

Chased em for a while to get to 10 of each before reaching 10k. Succeeded, got the last one in with rating 9990.


Nothing I really want to seek out here, still scrolling past these styles

Scottish Ale 3.38
Eisbock 3.59
Sahti/Gotlandsdricke/Koduõlu 3.23
Radler/Shandy 3.1
German Kristallweizen 3.65

I finished the “10 of each” quest just last week with Kristallweizen #10 and #11.

Here’s my lowest 6:

Style Ratings Avg comment
Kristallweizen 11 2.88 extremely hard to get and I don’t like the style
Lambic Style - Faro 11 3.18 I don’t think much more than this is possible for me unless a random Straffe Winter or De Cam Oude Faro appears at a tasting.
California Common 11 3.04 not very common where I go.
Malt Liquor 10 1.96 I actively traded with Swedish people to get this many. I have no intention of ever touching this style again.
Mild Ale 10 3.31 I’ve had some very good and interesting ones. Would love to try more, but even in England, I didn’t find many last time.
Polotmavý 10 3.04 should get more next time I get to Czechia.
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I’ve never had a Scottish Ale or Polotmavy, because there are zero of both in NZ. There are also no Kristallweizen, which I’ve not had, but I am suspicious that the crystal lager by a local brewery should be one, so I need to follow up with the brewery.

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So we might need to set up a tasting as one bottle is chilling in my cellar :wink:


Doable :smiley:

So…I have 13 styles with just one tick right now.

Style Score
English Strong Ale 2.6 Shepherd Neame IPA? Makes sense, it was a terrible IPA.
Mild 3.1 Finally had my first in Brno (!) last weekend. One more lined up at home, courtesy of @LazyPyro. Hard to get around here.
Lambic Style - Unblended 2.5 Difficult to find, had one thanks to @bierkoning.
Old Ale 3.9 Difficult one as well, but I have three more lined up.
Bière de Garde 3.6 As impossible to get around here as a proper Mild.
Sahti/Gotlandsdricke/Koduõlu 3.1 You all know this one’s hard to get. Thank you @japppp!
German Kristallweizen 3.6 Had a decent Kristallweizenbock by Weihenstephaner. Otherwise non-existent around here.
Scotch Ale 3.2 Not seeking this one out I stumbled upon a bottle of BrewDog. Decent.
Cream Ale 3.5 Loved this one, had it on a hot day in the middle of Lisbon. Would definitely buy more of these if they popped up.
Kölsch 3.4 I don’t know if the one I had actually qualifies, but otherwise also an almost impossible style around here.
Dry Stout 2.6 Guiness. Would love a proper example.
Bitter 3.5 Another thanks to @LazyPyro for providing a good can of Manchester Bitter. Quite liked this. A Pub around here has it’s own Bitter, but as information about it as lacking (might just be relabeled) I didn’t bother adding it.
Lambic Style - Fruit 3.3 Not that impossible, I would just need to dig into Lindemans bottles. Will do soon.

You need to get a cheap flight to the UK and have a few pints.


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I know, I really do!

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7 styles with only a single tick for me

California Common - 3.7 - never see these around anywhere, not a style I’m interested in so I don’t seek them out
Dunkler Bock - 4.2 - really enjoyed the one I had, think I have a couple more in my stash
Lambic Style - Faro - 3.3 - not impossible to pick up, seen a few around, just didn’t really think much of the one I had, seemed like it may be an acquired taste
Lambic Style - Gueuze - 2.2 - similar to above but much easier to come by, have several which I will drink at some point. One I had was evidently a very poor example.
Malt Liquor - 3.3 - the one I’ve had is the 2nd highest rated on the website, it was ok but I didn’t like it enough to want it again. Pretty much anything else I have will likely be even worse. I have no intention of ever drinking this style ever again.
Polotmavý - 3.2 - Had one back when I first got on RB, bought a bottle from Beers of Europe and had no idea it was a rare style at the time. Haven’t ever seen one since.
Sahti/Gotlandsdricke/Koduõlu - 3.3 - The one I’ve rated was a “Sahti-inspired” ale so technically it may not even count. I’d like to have an actual Finnish one some day. Don’t recall ever seeing a Gotlandsdricke or Koduõlu.

Currently on 0 ratings are:
Lambic Style - Unblended - I have a bottle of Spontandryhop Citra waiting to be drunk so will get this ticked off soon.
Scottish Ale - Extremely hard to find outside of the USA it seems, some up in Scotland but very few bottled so I’ll probably need to take a trip up there to get this one done.

I’ve run the gauntlet with all 78 styles. There are a few styles that I only have two rates of (Scottish Ale and Eisbock :face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:) and a few that are sitting on three (German Kristallweizen, Sahti, and Polotmavý).

I think you’d like Tilquin, and Cantillon is never off.

Just checked my spreadsheet and I have the following:

Beer Brewery Style
Oude Geuze (Vieille) Oud Beersel Geuze
Oude Geuze 2014/2015 Boon Geuze
Geuze Boon VAT 109 Mono Blend 2016 Boon Geuze
Gueuze 100% Lambic Bio 2016 Cantillon Geuze
Oude Geuze 2016 3 Fonteinen Geuze
Oude Gueuze 2016 Hanssens Artisinal Geuze

Impressive for someone who doesn’t care too much about the style! :smiley:
Dig in, and don’t forget about Tilquin on your way. Loved that one.