Stat attack request: fastest climber

Can someone list the fastest climbers in total ratings, for the last 12 months for example? I suspect a friend of mine would be towards the top of the list @jmgreenuk

Erm, you mean this page?

No, I was rather thinking of the last n years’ comparison rankwise. Such as ranked 1234 in 2015 and 234 now, making a jump of over 1000, or over 300 a year

or months instead of years

I see your @jmgreenuk and I raise you by @SinH4.

I suspect he is not talking about @jmgreenuk (who is in the Top100 and not #234), but Mr_Pink_152, who is #234 now. Mr_Pink_152 joined on Dec 31, 2015, and had 1227 ratings in January of 2015, and 2583 in December of 2015.

I joined on Jun 30, 2014, had 357 ratings in January of 2015, 1500 ratings in Dec 2015, and am #133 overall right now. But I think those kinds of climbs are certainly among the faster ones in the past 4 years.