Stat Wars: The Phantom Stat

So here’s a bit of a stat for the weekend. Who has the biggest percentage lead for a English region…

Region Highest Rater Rates 2nd Highest Rater Rates % Lead
Durham danlo 813 Grumbo 287 64.7%
West Yorkshire ManVsBeer 3040 cgarvieuk 1136 62.6%
Kent harrisoni 1234 Theydon_Bois 470 61.9%
Oxfordshire imdownthepub 715 Fin 295 58.7%
Lincolnshire Mr_Pink_152 557 fonefan 260 53.3%
Essex madmitch76 848 fonefan 416 50.9%
Herefordshire danlo 709 minutemat 349 50.8%
Lancashire ManVsBeer 545 imdownthepub 307 43.7%
Hertfordshire mR_fr0g 457 Theydon_Bois 268 41.4%
Worcestershire imdownthepub 227 Grumbo 136 40.1%
Greater Manchester ManVsBeer 2471 mR_fr0g 1546 37.4%
Gloucestershire downender 1393 Theydon_Bois 925 33.6%
Leicestershire leaparsons 353 imdownthepub 240 32.0%
Surrey BeardedAvenger 394 Theydon_Bois 269 31.7%
Suffolk Grumbo 668 imdownthepub 480 28.1%
Staffordshire imdownthepub 470 DJMonarch 340 27.7%
Berkshire Theydon_Bois 905 BeardedAvenger 659 27.2%
South Yorkshire Garrold 765 ManVsBeer 572 25.2%
North Yorkshire ManVsBeer 1191 imdownthepub 897 24.7%
Greater London Leighton 5819 Theydon_Bois 4488 22.9%
Nottinghamshire Mr_Pink_152 788 theprof 626 20.6%
East Yorkshire Grumbo 201 ManVsBeer 160 20.4%
Dorset imdownthepub 209 fonefan 167 20.1%
Bedfordsghire imdownthepub 161 Grumbo 129 19.9%
Warwickshire imdownthepub 431 DruncanVeasey 353 18.1%
Buckinghamshire imdownthepub 407 Theydon_Bois 338 17.0%
Cheshire DJMonarch 481 ManVsBeer 403 16.2%
Northumberland allmyvinyl 267 Grumbo 224 16.1%
Norfolk Grumbo 511 imdownthepub 439 14.1%
East Sussex harrisoni 383 Scopey 333 13.1%
Cambridgeshire Grumbo 384 jjsint 338 12.0%
Shropshire BlackHaddock 517 minutemat 456 11.8%
Devon imdownthepub 389 fonefan 344 11.6%
Merseyside ManVsBeer 296 AshtonMcCobb 264 10.8%
Isle Of Wight Grumbo 60 saxo 55 8.3%
Rutland Mr_Pink_152 60 jjsint 55 8.3%
Tyne & Wear cgarvieuk 567 Stuu666 521 8.1%
Cumbria AshtonMcCobb 374 cgarvieuk 346 7.5%
West Sussex fonefan 315 harrisoni 299 5.1%
Hampshire BeardedAvenger 559 SaintMatty 537 3.9%
Derbyshire Fin 871 fonefan 841 3.4%
Somerset imdownthepub 616 downender 595 3.4%
Cornwall Theydon_Bois 461 imdownthepub 448 2.8%
Wiltshire imdownthepub 431 downender 421 2.3%
West Midlands imdownthepub 695 jmgreenuk 679 2.3%
Northamptonshire maeib 268 Grumbo 263 1.9%

I think you will find that I’m the highest rater in Oxfordshire :smiley:

My mistake there. I got you and Fin the wrong way round.

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Good stats. Good stats.

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No problems, great Stats.


Durham danlo 813 Grumbo 287 64.7%

@Grumbo has abit of catching up to do for Durham

Surprised that’s top as have eased off gluten containing beers for a while now including local County Durham rates (which explains why I’m ahead in Herefordshire due to cider ratings)


Had a good day out in Oxford yesterday with lots of local beers (and a new Meadery) available. Extended my Oxfordshire lead just a little more.


Don’t think I’ll ever be top of a county again unless I move to the Isle of Wight. Surprised I’m still holding onto number 2 in Cambridgeshire after moving 5 years ago.

Please don’t move to the Isle of Wight. Took long enough to overhaul your Cambridgeshire tally!

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These are excellent stats. @Mr_Pink_152 , do you have an easy to use formula for us lazy Americans?

A weekend in Cambridge and you could get it back by the looks.

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I don’t think it will be long before @Grumbo closes the 1.9% (5 beer gap) in Northamptonshire.


All to play for in Northants, I live close but find it hard to get beers from the county but I’m not that far off in 3rd place.

If I get time over Christmas I will put a similar list together America. Oh and rest of the UK and Ireland.

And I’m not far behind in 4th. Thanks in no small part to my 120+ Three Hills rates.

I don’t know if anyone else really cares about Northumberland, but I love the place, I think it’s a massively underrated part of the UK. I’m planning to ease up on the beers a bit next year, but we’ll still be holidaying in Amble in the summer.


I sort of gave up on Oxfordshire , Herefordshire and Worcestershire which were the counties that for a long while I was either 1st or 2nd in. I now concentrate solely on Derbyshire, it’s much harder post Brexit but beers from Thornbridge, Pentrich and Buxton do get over here, not always all of the latest offerings but I manage to keep ticking along. My dad lives in Derbyshire as well which is handy for return visits to the UK, however we won’t be coming back next year as we have sold our house in the UK and bought a house over here in Bayern, so will be a bit tied up with moving etc.Still I will try desperately to hold on to Derbyshire, I need one more beer for my 200th Buxton rating and only another 130 or so beers until I hit the 1,000 mark for the county which will be quite an impressive achievement.

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Shropshire: @minutemat always makes inroads into my lead every time I go on an extended holiday, he is slowly catching me and we will swap places within a year or two. No one else is in the race really!


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I’m a very distant 3rd these days in Shrops. I remember being No.1 for the county not that long ago!

You are missing lots of new Stonehouse, Noble Craft and Ludlow releases atm!