STATES / REGION for all countries

As an admin (if you still remember how :slight_smile: ) I’m sure you could talk @services into splitting it out if you’re going to use your free time to regionalize all the breweries, cideries, meaderies…sake if there is any :thinking:.

Yeah sure what does it entail, how is it done? I’m happy to do the work.

No beers found. But I know that there is a brewery from Ceuta:

Kinda strange…

Apologies, it looks like we’re hitting issues with the database in support for that. There are a bunch of extended characters right now that seem to not work such as a macron over u. The Czech Republic is plagued by this problem too. We’re working on it and as soon as we can update the column type for that in the db I’ll update.

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Ireland is now done … brewers, Cideries, Meaderies (2), Sake Producers - 0

If anyone has an unassigned county (or one they think is incorrect) just drop me a BM on this here new site and I will aim to remedy.

Will likely get buried otherwise.


Oh and just one rater seems to hold the full set for Ireland with 26/26 … @culchiem


I just started the forum in case there are any opinions. Basically I’ve just been starting forum posts, or other people have in some cases like the UK stuff. Once everyone seems to agree, then I’ve been forwarding an exact list including exact spelling, accents and stuff to Raj at services. I can’t see a lot of argument over how to split, but then who knows. If you want, just find the list and copy it onto this forum below, whether you want to pull it off the wikipedia page or find an easier list to copy and paste. I’ve been mostly doing that part manually for all the other countries, but if you want to get the ball rolling just paste the proposed list here. Then we just wait a few days to make sure nobody beefs with it.

We have one local user with over 1k rates in Sofia maybe check with him/her @ bilcho1

Great to see 17 new country splits and people already working their way through loading all the regions; thanks everyone involved. I suggest all Admins take the Summer off from this type of task and take stock.

Austria, Greece, Portugal and Luxembourg (along with Bulgaria) in the Autumn please.


@services Sweden split is all wrong. The ancient “landskap” were chosen, rather than the official regions “län”.
Contrary to admin input. Needs to be re-done.

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Looking back at the Swedish regions thread, I think what happened is just a lack of understanding, which is my fault. I’ll answer there

Maybe we should pause the Swedish rollout while we figure this out? Whatever admins are working on that? @services thoughts?

No worries. The reason I have been so short in my communication is that I wanted to stop admins from spending time that will go to waste, all the while I have been stuck in business meetings all day long - so no time for writing lengthy or properly polite posts.


I can fix it, if I can get a list of the new names to replace the old in the same order? Or be pointed in the direction of the relative thread?

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Sorry Raj that’s on me for misunderstanding @omhper in that thread. Hope it’s not too much extra work. @services

Ok all the 4 Latin American countries have places done. If I have time tomorrow I might jump into one of the European countries on places.

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We have brewers already allocated to the following provinces

  • Bohuslän
  • Västmanland
  • Västergötland

Based on the regions we now want to use, which ones do these map to?

Bohuslän & Västergötland = Västra Götaland
Västmanland = Örebro (for both so far)

Thanks @Marko

Okay Sweden should be all updated now to use the regions instead of the old provinces.

Please let me know if there are any other issues.

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