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Stats - New breweries in Germany 2017

Stats - New breweries in Germany 2017

shamelessy stolen from The UK forum who shamelessly stole it from The Netherlands Forum

In Germany we added 116 new breweries in 2017 to the Ratebeer database:


Warning: link takes a while to load. Click “Est.” twice to sort by year most recent, then scroll down and count how many you have a blue checkmark next to.

My stats:


Less than 10%, might Need to travel more inside of Germany.


10 here, all Bavarian. I guess the same holds for me :wink:

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I managed to get 12 this year although one (Hopfenhexe) is not really a new brewery, just a new entry.

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Only spent two weeks in Germany this year (in May).

So none of my 249 German breweries are new for 2017.


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Probably won’t be more next year either unless the brewers step up their game quite a bit …

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10 or 11; but most of them are client or contract brewers, I’m not keen on “new” breweries… :wink:

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I don‘t hunt new breweries aswell. Just the ones popping up around me. And as you said many contract brewers.

But for Mainz I can say:

Kuehn Kunz Rosen openend their own brewery in summer, technically a new brewery but already existing as they were gypsies.

Same for Eulchen from Mainz:

They are currebtly building their iwn brewery in Mainz which will open around May.

So it is great to see that gypsies open their breweries.

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Only 6…

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