Steinhardt's flanders reds

If you guys haven’t yet, you gotta make it up to Frederick and try Steinhardt’s flanders reds. Amazing stuff, they blew my mind. Kriek especially, though apricot and framboise were great too.

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Where is best place to buy them?

I’ve just seen them there at the brewery so far, but it’s possible you could probably get them at other beer bars in Maryland. Looking at my ratings, seems I saw a couple of their beers at the old Meridian Pint, but that was when it was still in DC, so who knows. Funnily enough, you see a lot less Maryland beers in Va than you’d think. They make it into DC but not so much VA.

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Having a tasting this weekend at Radagasts, in case you are passing through

Won’t be there this weekend, but will be around for about the first ten days of July…