Anyone have info on this style of beer? I have a student who is writing about Vikings and beer and came across this style. He wants to recreate a recipe. Thanks!

ask @larsga


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Well. It’s not the easiest style to brew, because you have to make the malts yourself. Without traditionally made malts it won’t be stjørdalsøl. So you might find another farmhouse style easier.

I guess the closest thing to a recipe that I’ve ever published online is here

This gives more of an idea of how it tastes and how important the malts are

But the vikings for the most part didn’t brew like this, because back then only the very rich could afford metal kettles. So they made stone beer

I hope this helps!


Have a lookhere:

I am shure @larsga can fill in the info you are looking for as well.

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Thanks for all the replies. Very interesting.