StL for 2 weeks

Hoping some folks from StL still check forums. I am coming in to town for 2 weeks starting Friday. Anyone want to get together and visit a brewery? Anyone want to do a tasting?

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Not sure who else is active in the Lou anymore.

Welcome back to STL. I’ll be around, but busy this weekend. I’m sure we can meet up so some point while you’re here though.

Eugene, it will be good to see you again. Hopefully we can work something out. If nothing else, we can schedule a tasting at my house.

Maybe we can get @Keir and @jandd1983 to join us.


I’d be interested in meeting up, of course time and place dependent. You know how weekends go, nothing planned, then all of a sudden.

Its surprising that StL has one of the more active local areas but not its own forum. Yet, Chicago has its own forum. Any who…

How about the weekend of the 14th, which should allow people some time to plan? Tasting (I obviously can’t host)? Brewery crawl?

StL does have some pretty awesome beer people. At least that is my opinion. As far as the weekend of the 14th I will have to pass. Grandson’s 1st birthday party is the 15th and I will be busy with preparations. However, a week later would be great.

Eugene, you should consider a day trip on the Southern Illinois Beer Trail. There are some really good breweries that have popped up including one this past weekend. Waterloo to RedBud to Sparta to Scratch and a couple more would make for a good day.

Cheers all!


Bump. Any ideas or plans for this week?

Unfortunately, southern Illinois is too far for me on this trip but something I would like to do one day.

Howdy - I would definitely be up for a brewpub or a little crawl. Mon & Wed are about the only days out this week. Did you have any days that were out or good for you?

Are there any places you had on your radar? A recent fave for me that wasn’t open on your last trip is Wellspent, so hope you have that one on your radar. Twisted Roots is new, but I’ve not been there you, so no opinion. We have the Brew Hub Taproom as well. Its decent, but not much yet of their own brewed here. It is the only place you can get Toppling Goliath in the area since they have the FL contract to brew their beers.

Anyhow, would love to meet up.

Sweet! I’m open to any of those places. There are a lot of breweries I haven’t visited in the past few years and haven’t been back to many after initial visit. Only evening that I’m not free is Wednesday. I leave Friday the 20th. Clareeses is out of country till Wednesday and may also be able to meet up after that (though I have no idea about her schedule).

Long story short is I’m flexible. Perhaps Thursday this week or sometime next week. That may give other folks time to make room in schedule.

Thursday may be good. I’ll check with Holly tonight - that’s generally dinner and a brewpub night for us.

What about other in STL area folks here - any times work out for you all this week or next?

Can’t figure out how to make a new post on mobile, but I can do Thursday!

I’ve had my eye on Twisted Roots as a place to try, haven’t been yet. Wellspent is close to there and newish as well, though the first time I went on opening weekend I wasn’t impressed (they only had 2 brews though). Brew Hub is just ok imo but as vyvvy said you can get Toppling Goliath there.

Thursday can work for Holly & I.

Clareeses - hope you give Wellspent another shot. Agree with Brew Hub - beers are okay, but the feel in there is so weird being right next to the hotel. Just doesn’t have the comfy brewpub type feel.

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in case anyone else can make it out Thursday.

When and where?

Sorry, I received an email, and replied to it, and apparently it added a RB forum post of “Greg”.

John, can you keep me updated in text or IM?

The current working plan:

Starting at Pizza Head at 5:30 for some food. Then going to Twisted Roots. Will decide on stops after that as we go. But all things flexible.

Haven’t checked the forums in a while. I am envious of those of you who will be there. We have a couple dozen people coming here on Sunday and I have a LOT to do to get ready for it. Tick many beers! Eugene, I hope to be able to see you on your next trip.


If anything changes, I’ll let you know.

Dave, I’m here most of next week as well. Tell me if any weeknight works for you. Maybe I can find a place closer to where you live.