Stone sold to Sapporo

See here. No forklifts were involved.

So they sold to fizzy yellow beer… tisk tisk


Nah. They are fizzy yellow beer. From that linked article:

  • Over the last 14 days (ending June 10), Buenaveza ranked as the No. 5 draft lager in the U.S., according to BeerBoard. That performance came during a peak Buffalo Wild Wings limited time offer period, and the beer was No. 3 for the chain restaurant nationwide;
  • Buenaveza is Stone’s No. 1 draft brand, with on-premise case equivalents up +147% compared to the previous year.

More sad news from Stone, after they closed their Brewery in Berlin.

Sad but the writing was on the wall.

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Oh dear, another one bites the dust; or does it?

Some Arrogant Bastard will let us know!




I’ll still buy their beers, but I do have to laugh a bit that they were one of the big proponents of booing and hissing at “fizzy yellow beers” and definitely encouraged many of the toxic attitudes that many craft beer drinkers still hold towards “sellouts”/“big beer” in the industry.

Now their biggest beer is Buenaveza and they “sold out” to Sapporo.