Stonegate Pubs

This chain is now getting larger than Spoons these days, I find them to be a little more varied across the chain than Spoons but with often fewer beers on offer.
My point is we highlight Spoons with the JDW moniker, which people find handy in locating them, I’m suggesting we should do the same with Stonegate, particularly as you can now use your Camra vouchers in there. Obviously Castle Rock and Brains pubs also get highlighted, where the vouchers can be also used. What do we all reckon and how should we go about it?

Also worth noting that there are a couple of subsidiary chains that don’t advertise themselves as being Stonegate pubs.

I can see the spoons comparison with stonegate pubs, but I would argue that Stonegate doesn’t have as much brand identity as spoons, certainly there’s little mention of stonegate throughout the pubs that I recall. Maybe there is? I do agree there’s more variety though. The stonegate pub I go to (The Abbey in Shrewsbury) has around 8 cask lines and 4 keg, constantly changing, and always in great condition. Spoons varies considerably.

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That’s what I was referring to in my post. The Stonegate pubs around here (Frimley, Woking, Guildford, Reading) all focuses on so called’craft’. Sierra Nevada, Camden, Anchor, Thornbridge, North, etc, plus a few casks.

Certainly agree that they don’t promote a Stonegate brand and often it’s only the menu cards that give you a clue. In their favour though at least the owners keep their thoughts to themselves and stay out of the news. Ours in Banbury just isn’t worth visiting for beer, never bothered adding it on here.

With Spoons, you pretty much know what you’re getting in terms of decor, beer & food range. Stonegate has more varying factors & largely allows each manager to have more control over beer & cider choice. The Abbey even has its own beer festival each year, independent to others in the chain. I wouldnt be against having ‘stonegate’ in the pub name as it’ll give me an idea of what to expect, but im not sure many other RBeerians would

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I have never heard of anyone mentioning ‘Stonegate’ before (on here or in the ‘real world’). I don’t read any of the trade newpapers or journals, so their pubs (especially if they keep a low profile) have ‘passed me by’. I might have to take more interest when I walk into a new place and read the name above the doorway and check out it’s true owners more closely in future.

As for the original post: How about a little ‘flag’ on the ‘Place Reviews page’ highlighting it takes CAMRA Vouchers, on every chain/pub that does?


Im not the biggest fan of CAMRA vouchers. Those non-Wetherspoons / Stonegate pubs that accept vouchers tend to already be cheap. Instead of demanding a little be shaved off an already cripplingly cheap pint, CAMRA - who proclaim to be supportive of pubs - should encourage the change be put in the tip jar, or rounding up to the nearest 50p.

Thats my thoughts