Stormarktsporter for sale

Now that Kaggen Stormaktsporter is finally back with a new batch, do any of you know whether it’s available in a webshop somewhere?

Normally, this would be a senseless question, but since about a year, CBS and KBS are readily available in EU webshops, so nothing surprises me anymore.

Not to my knowledge.

Though 400 bottles were released to Systembolaget, limited to one bottle per person, with some google translate more info here:

They sold out in 1.3 seconds though, I missed to get one myself. Again, with some translate, more info here:

Since Närke doesn’t seem to be too interested in actually living on hype or making money of one beer alone, I’d be surprised if Kaggen turned up in any kind of volumes that would allow webshops to carry it.

I don’t think Närke gets distributed at all outside Sweden?! At least I haven’t noticed any of their beers in EU webshops.

Närke very rarely bottle and almost never sell to Systembolaget.

OK, so I need to back up on that one, they actually have 7 bottles available at Systembolaget to order right now, none of them are Kaggen though and none are available in any numbers.

No idea if they do stuff for non kegs outside of Sweden, but I’d assume not so much.

Some regular Närke makes it to webshops, like Örrebrö bitter.