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Stout help please!

Hi Guys,
I was wondering if I could get some advice, please. I was to get a good friend of mine a package/mixed case of different stouts and dark ales. He loves them! I on the other hand know nothing about them. I’ve seen many packages on sites but I’m not sure which is best. I was thinking of just ordering a box of different ones myself but does anyone have any suggestions of some must-haves in there please or anywhere that would sell a good case. Or is there a holy grail that he would appreciate the importance of… any help is really appreciated thank you…ps I’m not a local master like my names suggests don’t know where that even come from haha!

What country are city are you based in? It’s pretty hard to advise anything without knowing that first.

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Sorry Northampton, UK

A Hoppy Place bottle shop in Windsor sell mixed cases. You can presumably specify that you want stouts and dark ales.

They have some well known stuff plus smaller breweries like Dolphin and Mad Yank.


Thats sounds perfect! thank you!

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Northampton has two great places you could try.

Beer Garage
Beer Guerrilla

Yes! great idea thank you

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