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Hello Australian RateBeer people.

Hope you are safe, not climbing the walls and have work and beer to the extent you want them.

Unlike many places there are signs that things might be looking better here (at least for round one of this). Even though things have been fine for me and family, that can’t come soon enough.

Any thoughts about life welcome. Any thoughts about the likelihood of the local industry getting through - or what we as drinkers might do to assist also good.

On that second note:

  1. Bottle shops that aren’t big chains might be vulnerable. Perhaps we’ll all have to shop at Dan’s or worse, but for now I’m avoiding them.
  2. Some pubs are doing takeaways. The Local Taphouse is doing growlers for the first time in a fair while and I know other place are too. List those you know.
  3. Breweries are doing pickups and deliveries. I snuck into Red Hill and got old beers (and BBQ just before they had to shut). Look for info on brewery websites.
  4. Some breweries have apparently “rescued” languishing beer from kegs and canned them. Might be a bargain for you and cashflow for them. Carwyn’s quarantinnies box looked a bargain to me.
  5. Don’t drink too much whilst we’re locked down (says the guy who stopped work at 1 and had a few beers).

Look after yourselves.


It’s great how quickly brewers have got their packaged product online and set up delivery channels. I’m inclined towards pickup so as to reduce their delivery costs/hassles (and to get out of the house). Smart bars have moved to growler and squealer takeaways. Near & Far, Bonnie Bar & Beermash in Fitzroy/Collingwood are pouring excellent stuff at very reasonable prices.

I’m also waiting on my Quarantinnies from Carwyn. Contemplating a Range order soon too.

Facebook has become a rich source of info on new deals and delivery options. #keepinglocalalive


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