Style changes - Hazy / NEIPA

I was going to propose some style changes, but I’m not sure about the logic behind changes already made. For example many of the OH beers are changed to Hazy / NEIPA but some of them are not

Same goes for Trillium

And Cloudwater

The way I see it all of those are in Hazy NE DIPA style since they are hazy juicy/fruity/melon/dank without caramel malty profile. So my question would be did someone leave those behind for a reason or beers are being re-classified randomly?

An attempt to change lots of existing beers to the new categories has been coming for a while but hasn’t happened yet. Many newly added beers have been put in the new styles.

I understand, but have my doubts about the timing and quality of that attempt (or if it’s going to happen in the first place) and would like to clean the beers I’ve had.

If I understand correctly mass script change will be based on tags. I don’t see how it’s gonna fix this beer which has tags #citra #dream

So my question would be - what’s criteria admins are using to change DIPA to H/NE DIPA? I’ve send a list of proposed changes to Marko, but he is not sure either. There must be somebody here to make that call.

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Well, IMO, because the style’s called Hazy / NEIPA, and not just NEIPA, I’m all for including all of those modern hazy IPAs there - but I’d rather a discussion was made before I step on people’s toes changing everything left & right.

So I intentionally did not yet change the OH Daydreams over to hazy yet (when it was initially added as a style). All of those have lactose and an argument could be made they are milkshake. I think, however, they fall more in the hazy category…

OK below is the list of beers I’ve requested to be changed to Hazy NE DIPA. Later on I’ve realized there is an IPA Milkshake style as well. However somehow I see Milkshake as substyle of Hazy IPA so even if the beer is Milkshake (with lactose, oats or whatever) it would be better (or less wrong) for it to be in Hazy than regular IPA. And as you in this particular case I feel OH Daydreams would be well suited in Hazy style.

As we discussed in private I don’t see an alternative to this.


Yes, I agree. I think the daydream beers should be hazy double IPA. I changed the OH and Trillium beers to hazy. I will let an English admin deal with Cloudwater and English stuff.

What about “New England Pale Ales” without the “India” in it. I see some breweries making this distinction, with less bitter & less strong hazy beers leaving out the “India” in the name of the beer. Where do those go?

I actually think most NEIPAs should leave out the “India” in the name, as many if not most aren’t very bitter or strong. It may be too late to shake the NEIPA moniker, but if I were starting a naming and categorization scheme from scratch for these beers I would just classify them as “Hazy/New England” under the larger “Pale Ale” category and leave “India” out of it!

Well, India’s there for the “well hopped” thing.

I was also surprised that NEPAs didn’t show up as well.

At the moment they should go in whichever of the pale ale categories most suits, and tagging them as ‘hazy pale ale’ and ‘new england pale ale’ will help. If enough get tagged then there is evidence to argue for adding the style.

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