Style of the Year

Any other candidates other than Dark Lager? I can only report on WI and IL, but Dark Lager of all sorts is really becoming commonplace on breweries taplists. Czech Dark Lager, Dunkel, Schwarzbier…I think Lakefront has at last 3 dark lagers on right now.
Obviously has been building for years, but I still get a kick out of it, and think they are trending a lot harder than any IPA.

Cold IPA continues, making a bigger indentation than White IPA, Red IPA, Brut IPA…probably closer to Black IPA in that it is now a part of the big picture.

Rauchbier definitely on the rise, but still has trouble gaining mass appeal.

UK-wise, I guess I didn’t travel as much as others but Fruit Sour / novelty dessert sour definitely seems to have a foothold, partly due to the prolific, and extremely high quality, of Vault City, but also the likes of Pastore and Yonder who seem to just exclusively make cheesecake, ice cream and doughnut beers now.

I don’t mind them, now and again, when done right but too often they fall short of what they’re trying to be.

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I agree, a lot of these around.

As far as dark lagers go, they have been commonplace as counterparts of pale lagers for ages in Europe… if anything I see more craft pale lagers/pilsners/etc. (read: the breweries who gained popularity with IPA-s and impys are now often doing some type of pale lagers).

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I don’t see too many Cold IPAs, after the initial fad, around my parts. But dark lagers are indeed becoming a rotating staple in a lot of breweries.

Dark Lager for sure. This was year Brut IPA died I have been unable to track down 3 more to get to 20. Looks like I had 15 Dunkel/Tmavy this year