Style Stat

Take a look at the 78 styles of beer that RateBeer currently has (it changes every so often).

Now have a look at your bottom 5, rating wise in numbers, not scores.

Is the reason you have had so few of your lowest styles because of choice or lack of opportunity, or both?
I think my lowest styles are because of ‘lack of opportunity’ more than a dislike of any particular style, although I am not really a ‘sour puss’ drinker and prefer maltier brews to our less sweeter friends. I do however seek out interesting beers whenever I can, no matter what they might taste like.

Here are my lowest rated beers by volume (numbers actually rated).

Polotmavý; scored 3.11 from 9 beers.

German Kristallweizen; 3.32 from 6 beers.

Lambic Style - Faro; 3 from 3 beers.

Sahti/Gotlandsdricke/Koduõlu; 3.2 from 2 beers.

Lambic Style - Unblended; 2.7 from just 1 beer.



Since I’m trying to get 10-15 of each style, my bottom five are definitely due to lack of availability:

Three-way tie at 10:
Scottish Ale, American Strong Ale and German Kristallweizen
Eisbock: 8
Sahti/Gotlandsdricke/Koduõlu: 8
Lambic Style - Unblended: 7
Lambic Style - Faro: 5

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It’s all from lack of option. They don’t distribute a single Polotmavy to the entire Midwest, so I don’t have one at all yet.

  1. Lambic Faro - 1
  2. Lambic Unblended - 2
  3. Sahti - 2
  4. California Common - 3

I’ve been trying to get them all to 10 and these are the hardest to find.

I have an annoying 11 on single.figures. Going with the bottom 5 as selected by the system:

You’ve got two Lamb discs- Unblended and fruit…The former is harder to In terms of the latter I’ve had a few pre joining RB but Lambics are not a beer I tend to buy.

Scottish Ale - see much I the UK as it tends to get amended to bitter. Same for PEA.

Polotomavy - again a rare style in the UK

Go higher up.and there are some popular styles I just haven’t been buying.

Scottish Ale at 10: lack of opportunity.
Sahti/Gotlandsdricke/Koduõlu at 10: definitely lack of opportunity!
Polotmavý at 9: lack of opportunity, but after I hit 10 I won’t really care.
German Kristallweizen at 7: both. I don’t see a point in this style, but want 10 of it.
Malt Liquor at 6: both. I hate the style, but want 10 of it.

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I like how we all want ten.

Not all of us, I don’t want ten.

I am not a Stylish chap, but I am sure the various styles will turn up somewhere and my totals will grow without me seeking them out.


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Yeah, was a bit of a relief when I got that one to 10. :face_vomiting:

Sahti - 6 - lack of availability
Low Alcohol - 5 - why bother
Unblended - 4 - lack of availability and I do not do trades
Eisbock - 3 - lack of availability and not really my favorite
Faro - 1 - lack of availability, but also a pretty meh style

All lack of availability:

Cream Ale 1
Sour/Wild Ale 1
Lambic Style - Gueuze 1
Lambic Style - Faro 1
Lambic Style - Unblended 1

Took me three years to find a cream ale.

Lack of availability for all, as I try to get all styles to 100. I know that this is currently not possible, but then I’ll woork on the ones that are possible. 16 beer styles to go.

Sahti 15
Faro 15
Unblended 39
Polotmavy 40
Scottish Ale 43

A nice trip to Prague will help along with Polotmavy. Pretty rare style.

I’ve got 4 under 10. Lambic Faro, Kristallweizen and eisbock. Lambic Faro the hardest as there just aren’t many to go at.

Faro and Polotmavy my lowest with 13 each lack of opportunity for sure. Trying to get 20 of each. Only dislike malt liquor, shandy, and low alcohol which are somewhere between 15-20

Looking at my bottom five:

Polotmavý: 3
Sahti/Gotlandsdricke/Koduõlu: 3
German Kristallweizen: 3
Scottish Ale: 2
Eisbock: 2

Four of them are due to lack of availability (though I might be able to improve my amount of Polotmavý ratings in Prague next month). Eisbock is because they are a garbage style.

I have to disagree, and I have to insist that having rated two Eisbocks you are not qualified to make this statement :stuck_out_tongue:


If I wanted alcohol, I’ll drink wodka, thanks :sunglasses:

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bottom six, or everything under 10 for me. I imagine with a minimal amount of effort I could get more low alcohol ratings, the others are tough to come back in U.S. or Canada

Eisbock 3.54 8
Low Alcohol 2.12 6
Sahti/Gotlandsdricke/Koduõlu 3.46 5
Polotmavý 2.68 4
German Kristallweizen 3.5 3
Lambic Style - Faro 3.8 1

Also of note is that much to my annoyance, my trip to Moldova only generated one Polotmavy tick

there are Eisbocks with 6%, just sayin…


My 1s are Zwickel, LA, and Unblended Lambic.