Style Stat

All of them due to a lack of availability…

Polotmavý 4
Mild Ale 3
Scottish Ale 3
Lambic Style - Faro 2
Sahti/Gotlandsdricke/Koduõlu 2

Nope, my bottom five are:
Radler/Shandy count 7 avg 2.63
Imperial Pils/Strong Pale Lager count 15 avg 2.44
Polotmavy count 1 avg 2.4
Pale Lager count 155 avg 2.36
Low Alcohol count 2 avg 2.3

You might say I don’t like pale lagers

Should be numbers not scores.I.e. which beers have you rated the least of and why?

I find Eisbocks to be terrible beers, just sayin’ :slight_smile:

Unfortunately it’s a bit of a meaningless stat, because so many of the “styles” aren’t distinct styles. You’ve had at least 70 semi-dark lagers, it’s just that only 9 of them were called poltmavy.

Lambic - Unblended 24, 3.86 average (got around half of these at one Weekend of Spontaneous Fermentation festival - absolutely worth the heartburn and sleeping in a horse barn)
Eisbock - 12, 3.81 - lived in Germany for 6.5 years and this was all I could find.
Lambic - Faro - 10, 3.5 - took 3-4 Brussels trips to get this. Don’t expect to get any more anytime soon.
Sahti/Gotlandsdrika - 10, 3.87 Took lots of luck, a trade with Jukkabro, and a 6 hour roadtrip to Scratch to get 10.
Polotmavy - 9, 3.33 - got 8 prior to it being a “style” on RB and have only found 1 in the states. Trying to get some local brewers to brew one but no luck so far.

I think most of us pick 10 of each style because of Faros - there’s only 35 in total, and it’s a bitch just to get 10 unless you live in Belgium.

Don’t worry; it’s a bitch if you live in Belgium, too :joy:

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Possibly one more in existence if someone can find any data on this one.

Before complaining that Eisbock is only adding alcohol to beer, remember that we love Ice Ciders on Ratebeer…
(some eisbock from Schroshbrau are undrinkable, but some cryo concentrated beer that I found elsewhere can be very good).

Re Faro, I remember that, while already having a few ticks in my list from reasonably good ones, I wanted to get 10 so I just went to Delirium in Brussels where they have all the bad ones; that’s a hint for the hunters out there.

Yeah, Schorsch is disgusting.

the way I got it:

  • bought Girardin at a bar/bottle shop in Switzerland
  • got Cantillon at Moeder Lambic (which I haven’t seen in years, unfortunately)
  • got 3 Fonteinen Faro Classic at the 3 Fonteinen restaurant in Beersel
  • got a bottle of Lindemans, which you can get everywhere
  • was lucky and got Tilquin at Zythos 2016
  • ticked Mort Subite at Mort Subite
  • ticked Boon at Zythos 2017
  • got Timmermans Lambic Doux at A la Becasse
  • bought Chapeau and Timmermans Tradition Faro Lambic at a webshop.

Nowadays, I think Tilquin and Cantillon are harder to get, but during brewing season, 3 Fonteinen serves the traditional Faro, which sounds very interesting.

I still ISO Oud Beersel Oude Faro.