Style updates are live

We’ve just updated the styles in our most expansive update to beer styles ever. We’ll be updating parentage and descriptions of these styles in a future update soon.

Many thanks to all those on the admin and dev teams to pull this all together!

If you’d like to have a look at the new styles you can click on advanced search and search by beer, or go to the best by style or add a beer page.





@joet Out of curiosity will there be any mass automated style moves based on tags? I’m one of those nerds who actually properly makes use of the tagging system, typically for hops and adjuncts, but I also did this for many substyles I was drinking.

Two prominent ones being milkshake IPA and sour IPA, others would be loads of fruited sours/gose I’ve had. I could submit corrections for these normally (this will take ages) or paste a huge list of links for an admin (this will take ages) or do them all myself if you make me an admin (I will be quick as fuck then you can de-admin me I don’t care). Or you could trust the tags are used correctly 99% of the time in these particular cases?


Let it go. As time goes by all will be lost in the clutter of 100Ks of new beers.

Pretty sure @Jow is gonna die trying to get 10 in every style now.


Oh Hayzeus it will take years to put beers in their correct styles. Translation: it won’t ever happen.

Wow. Lots of new stuff to aim at in there.

Huge thanks to @joet & the developers for getting this in - cheers!

I’m with @LazyPyro on the using the tags to match existing beers to the new styles - we definitely need to start making more use of tags (have recently started adding them to each beer I rate).


I might be lonely in this pov but I don’t like it. I don’t think this is making RB better, it just takes it a step closer to UT2.0 and because there will be lots more errors with added beers it takes RB yet another step closer to UT2.0.


The default attitude to change around here is depressingly negative. A change like this is one some of us have been constantly calling for for years now. This site won’t improve by itself.

I appreciate that a lot of admins won’t be arsed with this sort of tedious work but some of us are willing to do it, but we aren’t admins, yet.


There are different types of change… think the target approach for styles should be one of continous refinement, adding new styles as they come on so the database is kept relevant & accurate, rather than hardly any style changes for ages & ages and then big jumps which re-categorise everything and ends up with lots of errors and a jumble of styles like UT (which I never refer to on there).


Of course, that would be ideal. But this is Ratebeer we are talking about. The development cycle is so slow this is the best we can hope for. In my opinion we should take what we can get. An onslaught of new styles every 3 years is better than no new styles ever and falling even further behind Untappd.
Beer styles evolve very quickly these days.

Moving forward I’d be very much in favour of a quarterly/bi-annual style evaluation for new/updated/merged/removed styles. And open this to all forum users instead of admin only - otherwise they’ll just vote to remove everything.


Some minor issues:

  1. Doesn’t Polotmavy have an accent on the y? It’s there on the other Czech styles, and it looks like it used to be spelt like that earlier.

  1. Is the “official” language of RateBeer UK (or Australian) English now? I can see “flavoured” in the style list.

  2. Also, wasn’t there a plan to merge Premium Lager and Pale Lager? Because of the redundancy of Premium Lager. Edit: and is there really any need for Rice Lager?


Good work on the new styles. There is a problem though, this creates an immense load of work and lots of admins have stopped because of the Inbev takeover.

Unknown/Other will be the whale of styles!


I must say I am very impressed by how fast the Admins are making changes to the styles and reacting to corrections. This morning I had 79 styles, now, only about five hours later I have 90.

Thanks guys.


I see IPA - Brut :wink:

If Kvass is a style why is Hvidtøl NOT a style?

This one was ignored cos the funny little o with the slash through it didn’t work !


That is the only explanation so far. So it must be it.

Ha, everyone dies but not everyone really lives, and have you lived if you haven’t drank at least 10 Sahtis? I hilariously ended up 1 Dortmunder short of 15 of every style then that was just remerged with Helles anyways.

Agree with @SinH4 what is the point of the Unknown Style?
Other than that pretty cool but it’ll be tough collecting Kvass and Gruits in my current locale but I’m up for a casual challenge