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What distinguishes a IGA from any other beer with grapes in it? This is the first time I hear about it and I see we do not have too many beers tagged that way.


Would definitely like to try some IGAs, but this is also my first time hearing of the style.

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I think in this case recognition and diffusion is what matters most, I’m sure Untappd for example has many beers labeled as IGAs. Just like NEIPAs are technically just IPAs (some now are even not hazy or juicy at all) but are now considered a style because everybody brew them.


It’s been years since the first IGAs came to light in Italy, now they are extremely common and most of the main breweries have at least one. I know they are getting more common even in Europe and US, especially through collaborations.
Anyway the BJCP already unoffically recognized the style 4 years ago, as reported in the last page of their 2015 guideline.

I think having a style here would be better to categorize these beers which are thought this way by the breweries and not just like normal fruit beers, like the general category.


Wow, neat to hear. Thanks for bringing my attention to it @lello4ever If you see any of these in the database, please tag them. If they have enugh support in the database, they will be considered for style inclusion in a future review.

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There’s less than 50 that have been tagged at the moment https://www.ratebeer.com/tag/italian-grape-ale/
I see I’ve had one myself which I didn’t know about at the time: https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/crak-garage-grape-soup/664478/
The brewery calls it a “DDH IPA with Wine Must”. For those not familiar with the style how do we decide between this being an IPA or IGA? It being a pale ale and using wine must in fermentation is enough to make it an IGA?

Also @joet please see my PM regarding mass style changes based on tags.

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How are IGAs different from Oenobeers?


Some IGAs may age ale with grapes rather than brewing with grapes/barley mix - don’t know if that should make a style difference.


Thanks for those. Right now I have a whole bunch of changes piled up for deployment. These will be added! Thanks so much

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Lol we didn’t tought about this: How can we move this style so it doesn’t count as un Unrated style that messes people stats and block awards? We use a different new category number instead of ID number in the style database especially for the Unknown / Willbe Reclassified? @joet


I have one


By tomorrow it’ll have been moved to ‘Pale Ale’, whatever that is.

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I’ve hit 50 Sour/Wilds three times now. Intrigued to see how many more times I achieve this before Styles are finalised.

(Today’s should be a Sour - Fruit so it’ll be a fourth time at least).


Just curious was there any further discussion on the addition of a New England Pale Ale style? It could also hold so called “New England Session IPAs”.
I’m adding new beers of this style on a weekly basis but putting them in the APA category for now. There’s thousands in total, but not many tagged. Then we have styles like dark saison and dark india pale lager with barely any representation in any country at all that actually got added.

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Hi, just noticed that my Metheglin/Spiced/Herbs meads are listed in beer styles as well as mead/cider/sake. He’s alone with all those beer rates all around him. He’s all alone and he’s scared.



Mead - Melomel/Fruited is there too. So it’s not all bad. :grinning:Annotation%202019-05-17%20222818


I’m still waiting for my 4 mead ratings to go into the correct styles so there’s no need to boast.


Yea sent feedback like a week ago about the mead styles showing up in both lists.

Haven’t seen movement in a bit but still plenty of reclassify left that I can tell.


This is something that take 2min to correct @joet